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Cómo (y dónde) puedes realizar un buen entrenamiento para ponerte en forma

We had suspected that women did not have the exclusive "glitter".Nor of the dark circles, nor of the illuminator.But now that it seems that the beauty and makeup industry has opened its eyes, it becomes official.Gender -free makeup arrives, also known as genderless makeup or neutral gender makeup.That is, a makeup that does not have to be for her, or for him.In short, a makeup designed for transgender people.

It does not seem to be an altruistic gesture, but rather an intelligent marketing strategy that will surely be well received by the aforementioned groups.After all, the more they buy, the better, right?Why then limit the public of makeup products?

Now that unisex clothes is a trend (sweatshirts, pants, shirts, shoes, ...), the makeup industry seems to have taken note and the first gender free makeup brands have emerged.

Gender -free makeup brands

Brands such as Flow, an American firm that in addition to making fun and bold products, donates part of its benefits to organizations in favor of LGBT rights (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexuals).Its objective is to serve and give visibility to groups to which the beauty industry has been traditionally ignoring, despite being potential (and real) consumers of this type of cosmetic products.At the moment, Flow has come to the market with a line of nail polishs, one of liquid lipsticks and another of colored glitters and pigments.But promises to expand your offer.

ABCdesevilla Bulevar Sur Llega el maquillaje libre de género Más en Belleza Cortes «bob» para pelo rizado: así pueden potenciar tu melena Bulevar Sur

Also JECCA, a brand founded by the British makeup artist Jessica Black, who detected among her diverse clientele certain needs that the beauty industry was not able to cover.That is why he decided to launch his own inclusive makeup line.And the first product he launched could not be more revealing: a special corrective palette to hide the beard marks (in addition to dark circles or acne brands)."We all have the right to see and feel fabulous," is one of the unisex makeup firm.

Even fashion giant on the Internet Asos seems to have sensitized with the needs of the transgender public and is about to launch its own gender free makeup line.He will do it under the motto: "There are no rules or limits, only infinite ways of being you".

Thus, now we begin to run into concepts such as "Free Polish": free enamel ... free, what?Of chemicals not recommended for health?That, of course.But rather that they are gender -free and prejudice -free nails enamels.Because yes, they also paint their nails.

Gender free influencers

What some have baptized as the #MakeuphasNogender movement, also has a legion of "influencers" as visible faces and gender -free makeup drivers.This is the case of "YouTuber" Patrick Starr, who in addition to rubbing with stars like Kim Kardashian (that makeup muse), Rihanna or Katy Perry, has signed no less than a Mac collection.Or the famous German "Vlogger" Marvyn Macnificent, who has designed a shadow palette for the BH Cosmetics firm (inspired by the unicorns, by the way).

But it is also possible to find children (of the male gender) who make up better than many women.As the British Jack whose mother manages his Instagram account, with more than 450.000 followers.A true makeup prodigy of only 10 years and gender free makeup standard.And surely a scandal for many ...


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