34 Best Laptop in 2022 Based on 8812 Reviews

Laptop: The Buyer's Guide

With so many options available, shopping for a little laptop can be a bit confusing. We have already listed the top rated options in the best list above. However, if you still find it difficult to decide, then continue reading the guide below because it has the list of important things to consider while buying.

1. Your requirements vs. product offering

Before you hit the buy button, make sure the laptop you've chosen has everything you want. Don't make any compromises, because we think it's not worth spending money on a product that can't do the basic job you bought it for?

2. Price

The best laptop costs around 74 and the cheapest option costs around 0.89. Our recommendation is to first decide on the features you want and look at the options that have the features you want. Once you've decided, make a budget and, most importantly, stick to it.

However, there are chances that the product/features you want are not available in your budget, if you are facing a similar problem then try to increase your budget or go for the cheap option which can do the tasks you mainly want.

You can also look for deals, but in most cases, you can't expect a highly functional product to be available for a cheaper price, right?

3. Brand

We have done extensive research to choose the right laptop above. When choosing them, we even do research on the brands that made them. Based on our research, we've listed the top-rated brands you should consider.

4. Lists of recommendations and individual reviews

You can go to a search engine of your choice like Google, Bing and you will find an endless list of laptop recommendations just like this guide. Although we have added the products after spending a great deal of time on research, there is no harm in checking multiple sources.

Another good way to know in depth the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, etc. of a product is to read reviews written by experts who have been using it. Most reviews are written by authors who spend weeks testing them.

5. YouTube Reviews

34 Mejor port√°til en 2022 Basado en 8812 Comentarios

Although, a few years ago, this part would not have been there in the guide. However, with an increase in the consumption of video reviews, there are many individual product reviews being posted there. You can choose a product that has the features you need or 2 of them, watch their video reviews and compare.

6. Offers and coupons

The best thing about shopping online is that there are so many deals, you can search for laptop deals or visit your favorite deals website and browse for deals.

However, you can't expect a deal/coupon to be available at the time of purchase, but there is no harm in searching. Based on our research, you could save up to 5-20% if a deal is available.

7. Customer reviews

Many e-commerce companies allow verified buyers to post a review after using the product for a while. You can simply read them to get a general idea about the laptop, in case you want to know if there is something wrong with the product, check out the 1 star ratings.

A tip: Do not buy any product that has less than 2.5 stars!

Also, reading customer reviews could answer many of your questions about performance, build quality, features, warranty, etc. Shopping sites like Amazon also allow you to "search" for terms in reviews. In case there is something specific you want to know about the product, feel free to use that feature.

8. Brand customer support in your area

Buying a laptop from a reputable brand is helpful most of the time. However, in some cases, customer support at your location could be worse. To find out about service in your area, just do a search on Google, Yelp, Bing. You could review their comments and make sure they are not misrated.

Also try looking for brands that have multiple customer service centers in your location, so in case one isn't operational, you can visit the other.

Laptop: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best laptop?

According to our research after going through 8812, the AMYMGLL Jewelry Box, Jewelry Storage Organizer Earrings Box with Mirror for Home Travel Portable, Black is the best choice you should consider.

2. What is the best value for money option?

The value for money option will depend on your needs. However, you should consider the Pocket Player Handheld Console – My Arcade – Ms. PAC-MAN because it has most of the features of the better model and is available at a much cheaper price.

3. What is the portable

cheaper? However, we do not recommend you to buy the cheapest laptop because there is a chance that it may not have all the features you are looking for. However, if you have already decided, the Roll'eat – Boc'n'Roll Tiles Ecological and Reusable Snack Bag without BPA, Blue is the cheapest on our list.

4. What are the best brands?

Top brands that make laptops include: AMYMGLL, , Enmain, MY ARCADE, ANUENT, Changli, Sades, , Etrangerdicostarica, Newnet

5. Is AMYMGLL Jewelry Box, Jewelry Storage Organizer Earrings Box with Mirror for Home Travel Portable, Black better than Lexikon Raumphilosophie (German Edition)?

According to our research, AMYMGLL Jewelry Box, Jewelry Storage Organizer Earrings Box with Mirror for Home Travel Portable, Black is BETTER than Lexikon Raumphilosophie (German Edition). However, make sure it has all the features you are looking for.

6. What is the most expensive laptop?

As published, AMYMGLL Jewelry Box, Jewelry Storage Organizer Earrings Box with Mirror for Home Travel Portable, Black priced at €74.00 is the most expensive option on our list. However, you shouldn't just get the most expensive option, you should make sure the product you're getting has all the features you'll need.

7. How much should I spend when buying a laptop?

We interviewed many industry experts and found that 76% of buyers spend around 17. However, you should buy the product based on the features and not the price value (Of course, the price is also important, but characteristics should be considered FIRST).


This guide is a collaborative effort of 15 team members and has input from 7,750 members of our LCampus Facebook community.

We hope you find the right laptop for your use, feel free to post any questions or comments below. Also, if there are any products that we haven't been able to add, feel free to share details about that as well.

In case you are still confused, feel free to contact us or comment and someone from our team will be happy to help you choose the right product. However, due to the nature of our business, we are unable to respond to every comment we receive.

Finally, if you have purchased a product from this list, feel free to add your opinion about it. We know it would be better to post it on sites like e-commerce sites like Amazon, but as a shopper, wouldn't you want someone to post their experience on a listing like this? Post now!