You just need this serum to have much younger, bright and radiant skin in just one month

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Chanel's story is not understood without camellias.The one that was the preferred coconut flower has always enjoyed an indisputable prominence within the maison while both in fashion and in perfumes or makeup.Camellias are that small detail that helps identify a Chanel gift and that is that the flower itself is a synonym for luxury.As explained by Chanel, “The flower of camellia is fleshy, heavy and radiant.Its initiation, maturation and hatching involve an extraordinary energy investment for the plant.However, it is ephemeral and disappears a few days later. "In their studies on camellias (and in their devotion to these plants), Chanel scientists have managed to extract all the good of this plant that is super beneficial for the skin, and what have they done with it?Creating a skin care line whose star product is a serum that fights the signs of aging in just one month of use.

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Solo necesitas este sérum para tener la piel mucho más joven, luminosa y radiante en solo un mes

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We talk about Chanel revitalizing serum, a serum whose main ingredient is the red camellia, since its revitalizing powers are a source of youth.By using the Red Camelia extract in the first stage of skin aging (hence its name, nº1), that is, around 30 years, it is able to prevent and correct the appearance of the signs of age: theWrinkles are mitigated, pores refine themselves visibly, the elasticity of the skin is recovered and looks brighter.As soon as applied, the skin is more comfortable, hydrated and with more vitality.