Why is Korean cosmetics so successful?

Why is Korean cosmetics so successful?

South Korea is one of the countries where more concern and dedication occurs to beauty, both masculine and female.They have a wide variety of products, curiously more than any other country in the world.

In Asian countries, their concern for skin care is something that they take into account.They use various products and treatments to obtain the best results.If you have not tried Korean cosmetics, we help you discover it.

If you are interested, Yesstyle is an online store that was founded in 2006 and offers an extensive variety of products.In addition to cosmetics, you can find makeup, decoration, house products, women's fashion, man and children.But the main thing is that in this e-commerce platform, you will find all those beauty products by which Koreans are so well known.

They are very concerned with the physical appearance and take care of their body in a very specific way, so much so that it is the fourth country with the highest number of cosmetic surgery interventions.

But obviously, facial and body care is something apart, and in which other factors influence.In addition to genetics, behind those delicate skins and dream of many people in the world there are very thorough beauty routines.

What are the secrets of the K-Beauty?

The term refers to Korean Beauty, or what is the same, Korean beauty.Its cosmetics is increasingly present in Western society, as with its famous beauty routine.

¿Por qué tiene tanto éxito la cosmética coreana?

At present, beauty and facial and body care is an indispensable aspect.But what is true is that Korean women learn to take care of their skin from a very young age.For them more than beauty, it is a matter of health.And that is why they do not hesitate to invest the time needed to fulfill the ten steps of their well -known facial routine.

Double cleaning with oil and water, exfoliation, tonic, essence, serum, mask, eye contour, moisturizer and sunscreen.Thus they achieve that dream complexion.

Its routine is ancient, specifically since 700 records of the use of cosmetics in Korea.Since those times, Koreans have investigated, developed and documented skin care methods.

These practices were designed to reach the root of skin problems, not only to hide or mask imperfections.Cosmetics included lotions with plant extracts, rice powders, oils such as camellia and peach ...

If they were already known for their old methods, for decades Korean cosmetologists are famous for their innovations.They are constantly investigating and incorporating new ingredients to improve their products.They have unique ways of processing plants and fermented extracts.In addition, they use nanotechnologies and assets of the best laboratories.So much so that the market itself finances the constant development of the products.

In South Korea, the industry focuses on skin health, hydration and a porcelain appearance.They are enemies of the sun, so they protect themselves from it and its goal is that the skin looks as uniform and beautiful as possible.

With that perfect skin they show, it is evident that their natural ingredients work.The great demand that exists today of natural products has helped the acceptance of Korean cosmetics in other cultures.The great competition with the thousands of brands offered by the market, results in its industry to always seek to be at the forefront, and its effectiveness and prices end up promoting its success.