Welfare and beauty: 9 resolutions for 2021

Es hora de cuidar de ti y del planeta. Desde tu apoyo a la comunidad negra y sus marcas de belleza hasta invertir en un labial recargable.

Por Tish WeinstockBienestar y belleza: 9 resoluciones para two0two1 Bienestar y belleza: 9 resoluciones para two0two1

This year is finally concluding, which means that the time has come to apply a ‘Marie Kondo’ to everything that does not waste joy and open up to be a better person.In short, we are exhausted: the Home Office has erased the last barrier between working life and intimate life, economic security is nothing more than a vague memory, and our concerns regarding the mental and physical health of our loved ones, combinedTo an uncertain future they had never been so overwhelming.

There is no doubt that the events that shake the world are out of our reach, but there are some things that we can control.In two0two1, the time has come to take care of oneself, to take care of each other and together contribute to take care of our beloved planet.

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You can achieve all this by introducing small changes in your welfare and beauty routine.Then we list your nine beauty purposes for two0two1.

1.Support the cosmetic industry of the black community

From a coronavirus committed to twenty people in color disproportionately to the incomprehensible deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many more, this has been a horrible year for the black community, so today more than ever, it is crucialmanifest her solidarity with her.A good way to do this is buying the products of the companies belonging to said community.In the case of makeup, we have The Lip Bar, Uoma Beauty and Pat McGrath Labs.For hair, look at Charlotte Mensah and hey green.And as for nails, take an eye to Pear Nova and Suite Eleven.For male beauty, is Bevel.

two.Choose brands with ecological envelope

Each year, the cosmetic industry produces more than 1two0 billion wrappers, while every year there are 8 million plastic metric tons that end in the oceans with disastrous consequences for marine ecosystems.It contributes to changing the situation by choosing brands with ecological wrappers, whether glass or plastic bottles of the oceans, from which Ren, Aveda, Dr Hauschka, Weleda, Medik8 and Bleach London.

3.Invest in a rechargeable lipstick

Bienestar y belleza: 9 resoluciones para two0two1

Finally, the alternative to a single use plastic has arrived that will not end the Earth, we present the rechargeable lip tube.Thus, in two0two1 instead of filling the landfills with empty biles and contributing little by little to the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants, why not invest in a rechargeable lipstick.Some of the brands that propose it, as well as other cosmetics, are Charlotte Tilbury, Lush, Guerlain, Hourglass, and the Bouche Rouge.

4.No to animal cruelty

Enjoy cosmetics without for that, animals should be mistreated.In two013, the European Union banned cosmetic evidence in animals and yet studies show that at least 115 million of them are still a victim of experimentation every year worldwide.In two0two1, the time has come to buy with responsibility and bearing in mind the well -being of animals.These are some brands that are already doing it: Drunk Elephant, Glossier, Bare Minerals, Covergirl, Illamasqua, and Nyx Cosmetics.

5.Stop at the shampoo in bar

From the plastic containers that contain them to their large carbon footprint, liquid shampoos are extremely harmful.Why not try the bar shampoo next year?Incredibly ecological, these are generally vegan, free of animal cruelty and devoid of harmful components.They are also light by nature, so their carbon footprint is lower, they do not present plastic wrap and are concentrated more.UNWRAPPed Test Life, Koha Beauty and Ethique.

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6.Support the allied brands of the LGBTQ+ community

The conversation about greater inclusion had never been so natural and the representation of the LGBTQ+ communities going through a better time in the history of humanity.Now is when you must match your expense with your statements.Do not just buy brands that once a year fly a rainbow in a pride pack.Better supports brands that are authentically inclusive every day of the year and act in favor of those most vulnerable communities, among which Jecca Blac, Kimchi Chic Beauty, I notice Botanics and Flow.

7.Improve your self -care

For many this has been a traumatic year.We care about our jobs, our finances, our mental health, friends, family and the planet, of course, which eventually ends up toll.It is time to take distance and start taking care of us in a mental plan as a physicist.

Beyond the occasional incense and the load of crystals, the act of self -care requires that you truly feed your being and to be at the time.From meditation and breathing, capable of infusing you with a feeling of mental tranquility, to physical exercise, with which the body releases stress and tension, there are many ways to recharge and reset your body and mind through new customs ofwell -being and beauty.

8.Digital detox

If you have seen the dilemma of social networks then you will know that these are undoubtedly harmful to your mental health.If you have not seen the documentary, do it.It will help you to be more bearable next year.If you really want to protect your mental well -being, turn off all the notifications of your phone, renounce social networks before going to sleep and introduce sporadic digital detoxification routines.

9.Eat well

According to nutritional psychiatry studies, there is a direct link between food you eat and your mental well -being.Experts recommend a varied diet that includes fatty fish for being rich in Omega 3 and its ability to combat the feeling of anguish;whole grains, for its high levels of tryptophan, an amino acid that favors the production of serotonin;Yogurt, source of probiotics that help reduce stress levels, and berries, rich in antioxidants, capable of mitigating symptoms associated with depression.Try eating seasonal food, not only will it be beneficial but you will also do a favor to the planet, since your food will not travel so much, thus reducing its carbon footprint.