This is the exfoliant of Mercadona sugar for the body

Natural exfoliant of Mercadona

Mercadona's exfoliant is made with sugar, avoiding the use of any type of microplastic.In addition, sugar presents a great advantage over other natural products used for exfoliation such as coffee or ground seeds: it falls apart when it comes into contact with water very quickly.

In this way, with a simple clarified in the shower the product is completely removed from the skin, which is soft and hydrated.Thanks to the composition of the exfoliant.

Así es el exfoliante de azúcar de Mercadona para el cuerpo

On this occasion, the formulation of the merchanta sugar exfoliant carries sugar, sunflower seed oil (it contains linoleic acid that allows good hydration and vitamin E, which is antioxidant), Argán's almond oil (keeps the skin in good condition ), Calandula flower extract (healing, anti -inflammatory and calming the skin).

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