The simple but effective trick to clean your skay or leatherette sofa and prevent it from cracking

Leatherette sofas are a synthetic version of leather, which imitates the finish of leather.

Also known by the name of escai (skay) they are a cheaper option than the natural foot, they are also a good option if you like this finish but do not want to resort to animal derivatives.

Not the only advantage. Faux leather sofas are much more resistant to stains and easier to maintain than natural leather. However, even if this is the case, they also have their requirements, since this fabric is more prone to cracking.

For example, similar to leather, leatherette sofas also do not tolerate water, direct sunlight or chemicals well. All this could accelerate the deterioration of synthetic leather, according to the experts at Tu Tienda de Sofás.

The simple but effective trick to clean your Skay or leatherette sofa and prevent it from cracking

To extend its useful life is to carry out a simple cleaning on a regular basis, to prevent dirt from becoming embedded. Simply wipe with a clean cloth to remove the dust. Another option may be a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristled brush, so that it does not scratch the surface.

However, never resort to waxes to make this material shine. Since it is faux fur you could mess it up.

How to properly clean a leatherette or synthetic leather sofa

Before carrying out a more thorough cleaning, it is recommended that you remove dust, using the aforementioned method.

After this step, the best way to clean a synthetic leather sofa is using warm water and neutral soap, following the advice of the Sant Climent sofa factory.

Mix this in a basin, then soak a clean rag. Do not overdo it, since humidity does not do well with this material.

If the sofa gets stained, it is recommended that you clean it immediately to prevent dirt from adhering.

If you see that the stains are resistant, you could also resort to the cleaning power of white vinegar, according to specialists it is one of the best tricks to leave your leatherette sofa looking like new.