The definitive trick: gets young and radiant skin in just 6 minutes

With the arrival of summer, our skin is exposed to high temperatures, solar radiation and other factors such as the chlorine of the pools or the beach that, especially that of the face, rest and believe more impurities.That is why during this time of the year we must be more demanding with the cleanliness of our face.Especially if we have spent 45 years and we want to continue maintaining young and radiant skin.

Having a good facial cleanliness routine is a ritual that many let laziness or lack of time.Others, on the other hand, take it as a moment for themselves, to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, relax and take care of their skin as it deserves.

If you are one of those lazy and you have been wanting to start taking care of the skin of your face we have the complete facial treatment with which you will get young and radiant skin this summer in just 6 minutes and from your home.

LED Lights, Microcorrients, T-Sonic Pulsations...Technologies that not long ago only appeared in science fiction, are now a reality.From Foreo they have combined the latest technology with an elegant Swedish design to create the most intelligent skin care tools that really work, so you don't have to do it!

Full facial treatment in 6 minutes:

Cleaning is a basic in a good face care routine and the first step to get smooth and radiant skin.To achieve this Luna 3 device, it has soft silicone filaments that guarantee deep but soft cleanetc.).In addition, it has a reaffirmed and anti -age massage mode that uses high and low intensity pulsations to reaffirm the skin and that looks younger.

El truco definitivo: Consigue una piel joven y radiante en tan solo 6 minutos


The next step to get a smooth skin and with a younger appearance is to exercise the muscles of the face and neck -exactly the 65 that you sure did not know what we had -.How to do it?With the Bear Deeo device that combines the microcurrients and t -SIC ™ pulsations to reaffirm and tighten the skin.ANTI-SHOCK SYSTEM ™ guarantees discharges without maximum safety and comfort that, in addition, is responsible for adjusting the intensity of the microcurrents of the device at the level of resistance of each skin.

Thanks to the Foreo application that connects to the Bear device you can choose the intensity of the microcurrients and configure the device according to the preferences and needs of each skin, as you would in the gym.It has 5 intensity levels and different training routines that help redefine and contour the face when receiving small skin downloads.For that reason and for microcurrent technology to be effective, you always have to use it with a conductive gel.


Tecnobelleza is transforming professional self -care at home, carrying the experiences of beauty salons into your hands, in your own home.UFO 2 combines four avant -garde technologies that perfectly sea.LED light therapy has 8 different wavelengths, each of them impressive due to their performance;As green LED light unifies skin tone, red light stimulates collagen production for younger skin and blue light eliminates imperfections.The device also combines thermotherapy, cryotherapy and famous T-Sonic pulsations to offer professional level results in just two minutes.


Take care of your skin this summer and look a radiant and young face.You no longer have excuses!