The best creams for dry skins that you can buy

Dry skles are especially affected during the coldest months of the year.In winter, dryness is accentuated in areas such as the face, neck or hands.

Those who have atopic or scarce skin for genetics or their age (babies and older people usually suffer more) need an extra hydration.And for this are moisturizing creams.

Pack de 3 cremas Nivea para pieles secas al mejor precio

There are all kinds and composed of a wide variety of natural ingredients.The most frequent are neutrals, but those who usually have itching, peeling, grains, eczema, etc. should specifically seek creams for dry skin.

The prices of these creams range between approximately 5 and 50 euros, although there may be some more expensive premium options.

The best moisturizing creams for all types of skins that you can buy

We have made a list contemplating all kinds of budgets.This does not mean that they are better or worse.

All the proposals we have selected have a score of their users equal to or greater than 4.5 out of 5 in Amazon, which means that they have been very well valued by those who have already bought and used them.

Super -moisturizer hands of rapid absorption

This neutrogen cream is a light cream that nourishes, protects and repairs dry and spoiled hands providing immediate absorption.It absorbs rapidly, without leaving fat sensation.


Taking all this into account, these are some of the best creams for dry skin that you can buy:

Cerave cream

Las mejores cremas para pieles secas que puedes comprar


Moisturizer that can be used for the whole body and face, suitable for both adults and children.

In principle it is to use it by day and has a large format (454 grams).Contains ceramids and hyaluronic acid.

With more than 10.000 reviews, is one of the best valued on Amazon.It has an average note of 4.6 out of 5 and 80% of buyers give it the best possible qualification.

This product has the Compact By Design label of the ECOMMERCE platform, which identifies those products with a more efficient design that eliminates excess air and water and uses less packaging.

Buy the dry leather cream wax for 13.95 euros

Dexeryl cream


Another option for atopic skins quite well valued on Amazon, with 3 out of 4 buyers giving it the best possible note.

The boat is 400 grams and its composition is made mainly of petroleum jelly.It is a dense and perfume cream with large hydration properties.

Like the previous one, it also has the compact by design seal.

Buy Dexeryl dry skin cream for 16.99 euros

L´occitane cream


Users of this cream are practically unanimous regarding their good quality.88% grants 5 stars.Maybe its high price.

It is designed for dry to very dry skin and its main ingredient is Karité butter.

L´occitane's proposal carries Amazon's premium beauty label, which combines high quality products for men and women.

Buy the dry leather cream l´occitane for 33.50 euros

Crema Nivea Repara & Cuida


This is probably one of the cheaper dry skin creams.Amazon sells a pack of 3 containers for less than 5 euros the unit.

Thanks to its formula with moisturizing ingredients, lipids and nutritious oils, it helps retain water on the skin and produces 72 hroas of relief and calming sensation.

Is especially thought for extra dry skin.With urea and dexpontenol, it reduces peeling and trenching and eliminating the sensation of itching.

Compra la crema Nivea Repara & Cuida por 14,67 euros

Altruist cream


Valid proposal for all types of pockets sold in a 200 ml format.

It has a medical grade formulation and a 10% urea concentration to regulate moisture and restore lipid levels.

Treat sensitive and dry skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, pilaris keratosis and dry, rough or squamous skin

Buy the altruist cream for 6 euros