The beauty products you should try in 2022 according to your horoscope

The beauty products you should try in 2022 according to your horoscope

Your horoscope already acts as your financial planner, relationship therapist, and career coach, so why not take the opportunity to find the beauty products that work best for your sign?

Sure, the best shade of lipstick or hair color for you is whatever catches your eye. But if you need inspiration in 2022 or wonder why you're suddenly finding yourself with an elaborate mani instead of your pastel pink manicure, the answers could be in your natal chart.

Before we look ahead, let's take a (brief) look at 2021. The year ended with Venus retrograde, where it will remain until January 29, setting the tone for 2022. "Venus is the planet of beauty," says astrologer Marissa Brown. “We started in this retrograde in a slow place, as far as beauty is concerned. You are not supposed to change your appearance during this time because it could go wrong. However, the silver lining is that the retrograde is happening during the season of Capricorn, an earth sign known to be pragmatic and hard-working, so it's possible to go back and review something."

Other key dates to keep in mind are when Jupiter is in Pisces (December 28, 2021 to May 20, 2022) and in Aries (May 10 to October 28). “Jupiter can influence perspective and creativity, which beauty falls into,” says Brown. "During these times, bigger is better and there is luck, fortune and abundance."

Now, discover the forecast of beauty products for 2022 for your sign, in addition to the products that will be great allies throughout the year.


With Jupiter moving through your 12th house of spirituality in the first half of the year, your usually bold and energetic sign will keep things low-key. Brown says this "doesn't feel very Aries because Rams aren't normally interested in sitting on their feelings." During this time, you will find yourself gravitating toward anything that helps you recharge or refocus.

Think crystal-infused skin care products or mineral bath salts, like Naturopathica Sweet Birch Magnesium Bath Flakes. The exception is when Jupiter is in Aries. “Aries entrepreneurial energy will be on steroids,” says Brown. "Wear red, be competitive, and buy things on impulse, like going to Sephora and not thinking about your budget." Valentino Rosso Valentino Refillable Lipstick in Rosso Valentino is a vibrant matte red shade that comes in an equally striking red bullet with gold trim. It's like beauty catnip to Aries.


You are entering 2022 with Venus retrograde in your 6th house of daily routine and well-being. This will be a period of prioritizing easy-to-use products over an elaborate daily routine. “While Leos tend to be flashy and glamorous, this sign will stick to the basics during this retrograde,” shares Brown.

Because you're a Leo, you won't be neglecting your hair, so Bread's nourishing, shine-boosting Hair Oil Everyday Gloss will come in handy for refreshing curls and taming flyaways on straight hair. And when Jupiter arrives in Aries in the second half of the year, you'll be out of your "emotional deep waters" and back to sporting looks of dramatic beauty, including ones you've never tried before.

Los productos de belleza que debes probar en 2022 según tu horóscopo

Why not swap out your black or girs smokey eye for one with hints of purple, one of this year's trending makeup shades, using Givenchy's Le 9 De Givenchy Eyeshadow Palette in No. 04 LE 9.04 ?


After the chaotic and expensive holiday season, she'll start the year by getting her spending under control, which Brown says will put an emphasis on "keeping things low-key and staying home." During this time, you'll be giving your skin a break, look for multitasking hybrid skincare and makeup products like Fenty Beauty's Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint, a featherweight moisturizing tint with light to medium coverage that will give you a Gives skin a smooth, faded finish.

And just like your fellow fire signs, when Jupiter arrives in Aries in May, he will bring out your whimsical and creative side. Color and draw outside the lines with Byredo Color Sticks in highly pigmented metallic and shimmer shades.


Take the opportunity to pick up a new skill: Spend the cold winter nights perfecting your mani and maybe even a little nail art. Nail polish combinations are endless with Pleasing Perfect Pearl Nail Polish, plus marble-topped bottles can double as decorations for your vanity.

With all four eclipses sitting in your sign (April 30 and November 8) or partner zone (May 15 and October 25) this year, you'll be ready to shake things up. "You're going to be dealing with a lot of things in life, so your approach to beauty might reflect that." No hair change is more important than going pastel pink. Try Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Color in Sushi. Since semi-permanent color fades over time, you'll be able to try out the shade before you commit fully.


You love collecting data, whether it's discovering the architectural history of your neighborhood or determining which product is best for keeping skin smooth and glowing. For the latter, you'll DM your friend on Instagram who just ditched his current skincare routine because he's using that serum that's all over your feed. The Eighth Day Regenerative Serum is one such product. The multitasking serum is formulated with patent-pending technology (that will appeal to your research-driven sign) and is constantly out of stock.

Brown says you'll want to channel your Virgo partner Beyoncé when Jupiter hits Aries in May. She thinks sexy and sultry like Bey's “Drunk in Love” music video. There's nothing easier than a shimmery taupe smokey eye created with a touch of Lid Luster in Mink from Victoria Beckham Beauty.


Venus is retrograde in your sign, giving you the need to review your entire aspect. Before you get bangs or dye your hair blonde, it's best to play it safe. Alternatively, update your favorite hairstyle or try a new one like big, full curls on trend with a styling brush like the interchangeable AireBrush Duo from T3.

With Jupiter in Aries this spring, a wave of nostalgia will wash over you, forcing you to seek out products that make you feel warm and relaxed, like the lip gloss you swore by in the early years. Instead, apply a tinted lip oil like Merit's Shade Slick. It offers hydration, shine and a touch of color without a sticky feeling.


“Venus is retrograde in your 8th house, which has to do with intimate relationships,” explains Brown. "You want your appearance of beauty to reflect your emotions." Hot makeup is an option, but nothing sets the mood like a romantic rose-based scent. Boy Smells Rose Load is a floral fragrance with a hint of spice.

In the second half of the year, you will focus on your public image and how it impacts you professionally. Bushy, well-groomed eyebrows are always a classic look. Use the Rare Beauty Dual-Ended Brow Harmony Pen to fill in and define brows.


Your sign naturally gravitates toward all things beautiful, so you may be feeling a little down until the effects of Venus retrograde wear off in mid-winter. Until then, you'll want to enhance what you're already wearing by using subtle makeup products like the flexible shades of Hollywood Flawless Filter, which smooths and brightens Charlotte Tilbury's skin.

You are willing to invest in products that have been shown to help hydrate and soothe. Tatcha's Indigo Overnight Repair has an ingredient history worth exploring. The serum in a cream is based on Japanese indigo, which was used by Samurai to heal wounds, and ceramides to support the skin barrier.


You'll lean into your sign's stereotypes, which includes fleshing out all your wacky ideas in your new 2022 journal. Brown recommends incorporating sleep-promoting beauty products into your routine during this time. Dr. Barbara Sturm's Night Serum is designed to minimize the inflammatory effects of stress while you sleep, while Sunday Riley's Juno Oil addresses dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, and will entice a new desire to spend more on the personal care.

When Jupiter is in Aries later in the year, he will be drawn to high-tech beauty gadgets.


You'll be focused on your relationships in the upper half of the year, and with that comes evening looks, which calls for a manicure. (Neutral shades like these Gucci Vernis à Ongles nail polishes are nail polish staples for your collection.)

But you will also turn to TikTok or YouTube tutorials to try beauty products that are perfect for your horoscope, such as the tools for a perfect cat eye, or you will surely ask your stylist for advice on how to style your hair with different accessories. Regardless of the trends that catch your eye, this year you are willing to step out of your comfort zone.


Your 2022 mood summed up in a few words? Playful, funny and curious. With that in mind, you'll be inspired by our inner circle's approach to beauty or the experimental ways you use color in makeup looks in your feed. Think pastel and neon shimmers with hints of About-Face Matte Fluid Eye Paints or simply swap out your kohl eyeliner for one of Kulfi Beauty's jewel-toned Underlined Kajal eyeliners.

However, you will change gears for the second half of the year when Jupiter ends up in Aries. During this time, you'll adopt (and stick to) a daily routine that prioritizes your overall well-being. Think about herbs and crystals that improve mood.


This year's Venus retrograde will inspire you to network in your industry or community to make new friends. You might be inspired to try a fuchsia lipstick after seeing it on a member of your book club. “Pisces will also watch for upcoming trends and test them out,” says Brown.

Glitter eyeshadow, like Sparkle Wash from Jones Road, is having a moment and plays on the dreaminess of your sign. And with Jupiter in your sign, you'll like ethereal looks. Nothing screams “divine” like super moist skin. Get an otherworldly glow with the EM Cosmetics Sunscape Highlighter.

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