Take advantage of winter to rejuvenate your skin

07/01/202218:39 h.

At each time of the year we need a type of skin treatment because the sun is not the same, than the cold, the wind, the temperature changes ... This time of the year in which we are the best is to perform those treatments thatThey help us with cell renewal, eliminate dead cells for skin regeneration.Take advantage of the best anti -aging and put ourselves in the hands of the best skin care professionals to get us the best during winter for the arrival of good weather.One of my header gurus is my dear Carmen Navarro in I trust my skin for many years.She always gives me the best advice and today I want to convey you:

“There are treatments such as the PRX-T33 that is used to rejuvenate, illuminate, and clean the face compatible with the sun, as long as the photoprotection is used.In addition, its evolution has allowed it to also get minimal sessions to end problems such as spots, acne, wrinkles, scars and even sagging.It consists of the application of a combined TCA (tricoloacetic acid) to 33% with hydrogen peroxide that favors stimulation of fibroblasts (cells and growth factors) without generating inflammation or damage to the skin.Help penetrate the asset without damaging the outer layer of the skin, "says Carmen.

“In the cabin there are other acid -based treatments that treat the spots, combining two devices one based on oxygen and radiofrequency and another that makes an exfoliation eliminating dead cells and preparing the skin so that together with oxygen and very powerful very powerful principlesThey help us treat spots and all skin imperfections."

Aprovecha el invierno para rejuvenecer tu piel

“At this time of year all IPLs of course are very pointere treatments to help skin in problems such as rosacea.There are also anti -aging laser treatments."

“This era is the ideal one for exfoliation and that is when we can use retinol at home.This active substance is widely used to treat acne, but they realized that it improved the skin a lot and began to rejuvenate it.Winter is the best time to perform these treatments because the sun does not affect the skin so much and although doctors always recommend photoprotection, I respect the solar theme a lot because then the spots are very difficult to treat.There are several types of spots that can appear after summer such as Melasma and one of the best treatments to combat it is the cosmelán, which has a master formula to treat them.For the lentigos is the blue laser, they are small spots that come out with age and this laser works very well."

“Acne is another very common problem that in summer improves with the sun, but that in reality is only covering up and when it stops sunbathing worsens because in summer the cornea layer increases, fat is stagnant and oxidized, oxidized,And more acne appears and great crises come.To treat this problem I like to recommend neoderma, which is a treatment that exfolia thanks to herbs that prepare the skin and that combined with active ingredients balance the pH of the skin and clean it."

“We have 2 very large enemies for the aging of the skin, one is the sun, which we love because it fills us with vitamin D and is very good for the bones, but it damages the skin.The other enemy is stress, and causes great skin damage.To combat it we have to take the habit of going to a beauty center where they relax, they give us massages, they re -polish us, they remodel our faces ... For example, on Fridays, one of the most requested days since we enter the end of the endof week and you have to do it with good foot and relaxed to enjoy."

With pandemic, beauty world professionals have also incorporated many treatments with vegan products and manual therapies, which are now very trend, for example, timerrapy.As we have been lacking in love and hugs, now, the mere fact that they touch us, even with a massage, gives us life.

To prevent aging and skin care from home, it is fundamental.And above all let us guide for our aestheticist who is the one who will best advise us.The DMAE is one of the active ingredients that we must use the most this winter because it is wonderful to give firmness to the skin, along with the retinol that helps us rejuvenate the skin, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, ceramids ... there are many components that weThey can come well to take care of the skin this winter, always depending on our age, the state of the skin and its needs.

Cristina Tárrega
Cristina Tárrega