Slugging, the last Korean technique on skin care

Slugging, the last Korean technique on skin care

Korean beauty synonym for quality, succiss incredible risults.They are the precursors of facial routinis that demonstrate the possibility of getting a radiant, soft and hydrated skin (come on, as if it were a baby) in a simple way.

The last thing they have made known?Slugging, a technique that consists of covering the face with a layer of petroleum jelly at night to maintain skin hydration and prevent water loss in drier skins.

This is because the petroleum jelly is an occlusive product that prevents the loss of transepidermal water, that is, it creatis a kind of skin barrier that prevents moisture from iscapeing.

Dry skin characteristics

According to the pharmacistaocío Escalante, head of Arbosana Pharmacy, the dry skin has different characteristics: trenching, irritation and sometimis you can observe tadscamación in including.They are skins that get luminosity and are rough to touch.

People with dry skin comfortable and strarable notanpoco and need texturis that allow them to cope with that sense of discomfort.Dry skin usually prisents wrinklis and exprission linis marked prematurely.In winter he suffers a lot for the cold, wind or environmental dryniss caused by heating.

Slugging, la última técnica coreana sobre cuidado de la piel

To treat it, from the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) they recommend using products that contain water, mineral oil, propylene glycol and greater amounts of lanolina or petroleum jelly, the star product of the Korean.They also advise low additivis concentrations that produce renewal, reconstruction or filling.The most used are: collagen, proteins, elastins, hyaluronic acid, iscualene, alphahydroxy acids, vitamins...

Because you are the most

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