Sandra Sandoval does not sell creams pa 'j.lo ni Angelina Jolie

Oh, Jesus, Maria and José.Oh, Black Atalaya!The scammers walk the agenda.A few days ago the victim of the alleged Bitcoin company was Roberto "Manos de Piedra" Durán, who assured that he gradually recovered his fortune, after falling in bankruptcy, and then we learned that Robin Durán was not called Robin and survivedWith a dollar in his pocket and that overnight he became a millionaire.Oh, Francisco, returns

The end is the same: invite people to join the alleged business, seeing the supposed to overcome the faces of the Panamanian show.Hey!

No!One that was also affected was Sandra Sandoval, who supposedly ended with the group she had with Samy, her brother, to devote to a cream business for skin care.What?

And say the false announcement!"Sandra Sandoval, of the Samy and Sandra Sandoval group, better known for her musical trajectory, had problems after 'disobeying' her brother's wishes for not including it in her new skin care business".Strong!

Sandra Sandoval no vende cremas pa' J.Lo ni Angelina Jolie

And the cherry of the cake is: "We learn the true story behind the end of the famous group".What a lie!

But there does not end the farce, because too - supposedly - they interviewed it."What is the name of the new skin care line? Is called Auvela.It took me 3 years to obtain the perfect formula, but I promise that, after a couple of days, his skin will look fresh, clean and new.Most people send me emails and say they feel 10 years younger, "says the text that runs through the main social networks.

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Ah, but here the imagination of these scammers does not end because she supposedly also receives offers to partner with L'Oreal and Olay.Ayla Life!

'La gallina fina' salió a desmentir

Very "a strip" of a dance in Changuinola, Sandra stood out in one video: "That is a lie, people do not know what to grab to advertise.Know God and in what Tinaco those products grabbed and now they want to grab Bettina and I don't know who else, "he explained.

But the most comic is that they put the typiquera on the cover of CNN and assured that he sold Angelina Jolie and Jennifer López."Imagine where my money is going, but you don't believe that boys," he said in the video.

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