Raw Apothecary; skincare boomed during the pandemic

Company: Raw ApothecaryTeam: EntrepreneursFoundation date: 02/22/20182020 turnover: 20 million pesos2021 turnover expectation: 35 million pesosEmployees: Less than 20

Around the world, companies were affected by Covid-19: some lost profits and employees, and others closed, but some managed to cope with the pandemic environment and managed to grow, such as Raw Apothecary, which increased your sales by up to 200%.

This company creates skincare products with natural ingredients and essential oils, but its strength is being 100% digital, which allows it to have a close relationship with the consumer, and creates “easy” routines for everything type of skin.

“It is a direct deal with the consumer where we know them through data, (which) helps us develop products and have super customer service; (Also) the products are designed with simple routines for skin types, which help everyone to have a constant routine,” said Macarena Riva, co-founder of Raw Apothecary.

In 2017, Andrea Sánchez Martínez and Macarena Riva created the company. At first they began to sell their products in traditional bazaars, but in 2018 they decided to make their store online, as they had realized that this trend had not reached Mexico.

Because it is an e-commerce, the company had no impact on its sales during the pandemic, but they increased by up to 200%, going from half a million to 1.5 million pesos in sales per month. They consider that it was due to the fact that people spent more time at home and connected.

Raw Apothecary; skin care boomed during pandemic

“Covid-19 made people sit at home, get bored, start shopping online, and the issue of personal care became much more relevant. It (the pandemic) did not affect us, but rather the other way around, it helped us to take a leap that would have taken us another year to make,” said Macarena Riva.