Porcelain skin and safe from cold: we discover the beauty marks used by the Danish

Las danesas suelen presumir de piel de porcelana, un reto que se consigue sabiendo combatir al frío y con los cosméticos más eficientes como aliados. Estos son algunas de sus marcas favoritas.

Por Marta Martínez TatoPiel de porcelana y a salvo del frío: descubrimos las marcas de belleza que usan las danesas Piel de porcelana y a salvo del frío: descubrimos las marcas de belleza que usan las danesas

In Denmark, keeping the face hydrated is, in addition to a matter of aesthetics and prevention, an almost health issue.The very low temperatures to which they are exposed every day causes specific and constant care.But, not only that, Denmark exported the term Hygge to everyone a few years ago and fever for this Danish philosophy to enjoy every moment, finding beauty even in routine, has also influenced its cosmetics.Finally, their commitment to the environment and organic and natural products are another of its stamps.These three elements make Danish cosmetics effective with their formulas, with perfect packaging to leave any dressing table and manufactured in an environmental way.Here we leave you seven Danish beauty brands that will conquer you.

This is one of the longest and most famous Danish brands at the international level.Although its founder Ole Rikhensen was born in a small town in the Danish rural area, it was in the sunny Los Angeles where he created his cosmetic brand.It was in 1983 and its products were available by mail.It was such a success that this year opened its spa Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood.Its serum truth, with vitamin C and collagen, is one of its best -selling products and the brand has a wide of specific products for each need.

A year ago in Spain the brand that sweeps among the Danish by the website specialized in Danish Danish Reveal.Marianne Tromborg, professional makeup artist, decided to create her own cosmetic brand in 2003 based on her own beauty perspective: the use of natural ingredients, easy -to -use products and highly efficient.Her husband, Tim Schyberg is a biochemist with years of experience in scientific research.Together they formed the perfect tandem to bring tromborg to the top.The brand focuses, as much as possible, on local ingredients from the Scandinavian nature and aromatherapy is another of its pillars.They have a line of facial care, makeup and perfumes, it has everything you need to become an unconditional of the brand.

Piel de porcelana y a salvo del frío: descubrimos las marcas de belleza que usan las danesas

The goat is a cafeteria and coffee shop based on the Danish city of Aarhus.It has several establishments and its coffee made in Denmark is exported to everyone.You will be wondering what coffee with cosmetics has to do and in this case the answer is all.The goat decided to create its own cosmetics brand taking advantage of all surpluses and coffee remains they produced.Thus Grums takes advantage of all the benefits of caffeine, the present sugars, essential oils and cleaning and exfoliation power that coffee provides to create sustainable and effective beauty products.

With a single product for sale, Honey is one of the reference brands in Denmark.Your body oil is made with six plants oils, cold pressed and selected for its antiallergic and moisturizing properties.Bea Fagerholt and Liv Winther decided to create this product thinking about women who before, during or after motherhood did not want to use any type of chemist on their body.A paradigm of how to create a whole brand philosophy around a single product.

In 2006 Andrea Rudolph was waiting for her first child and Greenpeace proposed to be part of a study on the chemicals to which we are exposed.After a blood analytics, Andrea was impressed with the results and then decided to create a safe beauty brand and without any present chemicals.Thus Rudolph Care was born, a Danish brand that began with a line for the body and face and that has been expanded with photoprotectors, hair products and perfumes.Andrea Rudolph was clear when he created this firm that wanted everything: luxury, sustainability, transparency and efficacy.

Kirsten Kjaer Weis, a famous Danish make -upr..That is why he decided to create his own makeup firm in which to combine his love for nature, instilled from his childhood by having grown up on a farm in Denmark, and for well -made products.Kjaer Weis thus became a pioneer makeup brand by combining organic and luxury.Its cream blusher, your facial oil and your tab mask with organic certificate are some of your best -selling products.

This Copenhagen headquarters specialized in products for the body and bathroom.All its formulas are composed of only natural and organic ingredients and are based on aromatherapy and herbalism.As her slogan says, "Mother Nature provides the ingredients and Mirin mixes them to create unique nutritional delights for your body".