Pharrell: his skincare routine (and how to imitate it)

Pharrell: his skincare routine (and how to imitate it)

Personal Care Where did you learn the secrets of your radiant skin? From Naomi Campbell, naturally. Pharrell reveals to us all the steps he takes to maintain his perfect skin.

By Danielle Cohen

What are Pharrell's secrets and his skin care routine? In September, DeAndre Hopkins revealed that her best skin care advice came from Pharrell. But where does the skincare savant get his advice for a smooth complexion? From the power duo of Naomi Campbell and her own dermatologist, Elena Jones, MD.

In the latest episode of Grooming Gods, Pharrell (who recently created a Wes Anderson-style hotel), who is famous for aging backwards, confessed that he didn't take much care of his skin before he met Dr. Elena: "She made me start to think about things in a different way," she recalls, "and that's when I understood that skin care is a necessity. Your face is the expression of your personality: you have to take care of it."

Then, of course, there's Naomi, who sent Pharrell to a dermatologist in the first place and taught him how to properly wash his face in ascending circles. And while Naomi is clearly responsible for the wonder that is Pharrell's face (who recently opened up about his new sneakers, his take on luxury, and his confidence in the universe), the mogul himself has picked up some good habits of his own on down the road, long enough to launch her own skincare line, Humanrace.

To mark the launch of his line, we asked Pharrell some of our most burning skincare questions, including his morning routine, hydration secrets, and more essential tips to keep your skin looking its best. of a supermodel.

Pharrell: Your 6-Step Skin Care Routine

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Get clean like Naomi

Pharrell mixes a few shakes of his Humanrace powder with water, then lathers: "The foamy feeling lets you know it's working," he says. He massages the cleanser in upward circles: "Naomi told me, 'Never go down.'"

Exfoliate like there's no tomorrow

"I always talk about exfoliating like crazy," says Pharrell (DeAndre Hopkins can confirm). The lotus enzyme in his exfoliant rejuvenates the skin, while the glycolic acid peels off all those dead layers. "See? Brilliant." It is important to know about glycolic acid and its benefits on the skin.

moisten your pores

"Dr. Elena says pea-sized," says Pharrell, squeezing out a drop of the proper portion to moisturize after exfoliating.

Don't forget vitamin C

Pharrell likes to apply this serum along the T-zone and around the eyes to lock in hydration.

Don't skip your lips

"Lips can't be dry," advises Pharrell. He opts for a super luxurious Chanel option for optimal softness.

Hydrate non-stop

"All I drink is water," says Pharrell. His favorites are Flow still and Waterloo sparkling, but he warns that getting hooked on those Waterloo flavors is a slippery slope: "Giving it up is the problem."

Article originally published in GQ USA.