Pedicure: how to do it at home like in a beauty salon and the best products - Bulevar Sur

Pedicure: how to do it at home like in a beauty salon and the best products - Bulevar Sur

How (and where) you can get a good workout to get in shape

Now that we are already outstanding students and we know what the shoe trends are for spring-summer 2021, it is more than clear that sooner or later we are going to have to face the pedicure moment. Taking advantage of the fact that spring has arrived, it is time to get your feet ready. Do you know how to do a pedicure at home with (almost) professional results? We are going to give you the keys!

At this time that we go from one place to another, we cannot always go to the beauty center, although a good pedicure from a specialized place has no comparison with what you can do at home, but we can do everything possible to get a similar level. Sometimes the lack of time or even the tight budget make us consider the possibility of doing a pedicure at home.

To show off perfect feet, it is not enough to get a pedicure. Just as we have a body or facial routine, it is necessary to follow some tricks to take care of one of the most important parts of our body, in fact, according to the study carried out by the leading foot care brand, Salvelox, 78% of the population Spaniard suffers from foot problems. Did you know? Salvelox Foot Care Study Spain October 2019 showed that cracked heels and calluses are the most common, but there are other problems such as warts, dryness, bad smell, tired feet, blisters...

wash your feet

At first, especially if you have never done a pedicure at home, it will seem complicated, but there is nothing that cannot be achieved with patience, desire and good advice. The first thing you have to do is wash your feet. After a day of work, surely they have accumulated sweat.

Eliminates calluses

Do you have calluses on your feet? It is normal, the sole of the foot is 7 times thicker than the rest of the body. You can reduce them with a file or, if you prefer, with a smoothing exfoliating foot cream, such as Mavala. Removes calluses, dead skin and impurities, leaving the foot soft and comfortable. It contains 100% natural seaweed microparticles and diatomaceous earth for proper exfoliation, a mixture of esters, with softening and emollient properties, and a fresh menthol scent. It costs 11.50 euros.

cuticles back

Pedicura: cómo hacerla en casa como en un salón de belleza y los mejores productos - Bulevar Sur

There are people who have a lot of cuticle or too dry. In order not to damage the nail plate, it is not recommended to cut them first, but to use the various removers or cuticle removers offered by the sector to soften them before their removal. There are gels, oils and creams on the market with the sole purpose of softening the cuticles to better remove them when they are very dry or too large.

The cuticles are responsible for protecting the root of the nail. Therefore, they should be pushed back but never cut. Apply a cuticle remover, such as the California Mango, which costs 9.50 euros. They penetrate and soften them immediately, with the advantages of vitamin E, aloe vera, mango and açaí.

“A small amount of product should be applied around each cuticle of the nail and left to act for one minute. Then, remove it with a pusher or other specific tool and moisturize with a suitable oil", recommends Víctor López, from the TH Cosmetics Group that distributes California Mango in Spain.

Strengthen nails!

If you have yellow nails, boiled cinnamon and lemon can do a lot for you. “I would recommend cleaning them and soaking them with a special potpourri of whitening agents like lemon and a mild soap, using a light kiwi or seed scrub to remove those yellow cells, and moisturizing and applying a protein base that will feed the nail making it stronger. and making it more resistant”, suggests Maribi Arnedo, from Bio Sculpture.

“If we do not treat the nails properly, we will have a weak and brittle nail. We must put ourselves in professional hands whenever we can, they will advise us on the treatment to follow, and the best thing is undoubtedly to use a professional brand, apply a treatment base, let it dry and if we want to put color on top of this base, know what we chose because the pigmentation of the colors could stain the nail”, says Dauri Jerez, a manicurist at the Twentynails centres.

To strengthen nails and hydrate them, use an oil like Mokosh Nutritive Nail Elixir Cranberry, which contains vitamin E and has been created from natural oils: cranberry, carrot, wheat germ and argan. Price: €5.50/10ml.

now enamel

Choose the color that you like the most and, if you want the enamel to last longer, choose one with a gel effect. Essie has just launched the Gel Couture range. Easy and simple, this is the step by step to get nails worthy of haute couture with Gel Couture enamels and top coat.

1. Apply the color directly on the nail, without the need for a base.

2. Seal your nail polish with the top coat, a long-lasting gel finish that adds shine and a professional look to your nails.

Finish with hydration

Look for a product that rehydrates the feet and prevents the formation of cracks, calluses, blisters... it is essential to show off healthy and beautiful feet, such as Salvelox Foot Rescue all in one cream, a cream with a patented formula, ideal for both prevention and For treatment of athlete's foot, calluses, cracked heels, dry feet and bad odor. Price: 22.95 euros.

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