L'Oréal launched CeraVe on shelves | PharmaBiz.NET

 L'Oréal launched CeraVe on shelves |  PharmaBiz.NET

The French L'Oréal launched its CeraVe portfolio in Argentina. It is a skin care brand that it had bought in 2017 from the Canadian Valeant and that was added to its Active Cosmetics business. It arrives imported from France.

Despite the fact that the market has plenty of Skin Care brands, the French company L'Oréal considered it strategic to launch its new CeraVe brand. It is part of its Active Cosmetics business headed in Argentina by the former Unilever, Paz Sammartino and in which the La Rochay Posay and Vichy dermocosmetic lines fit together.

Cerave, actually emerged in 2005 within the Canadian Valeant and was acquired by the French group in January 2017. Now it reaches the local market, imported from France with pots and containers with a dispenser in which white prevails, and with body, facial, hands and feet presentations. See article L'Oréal buys brands.

L’Oréal lanzó CeraVe a las góndolas | PharmaBiz.NET

The curious fact that appears after the tour of Pharmabiz in points of sale, is the range of competitors in which it is associated with the brand in gondola. CeraVe, with imported origin, has a price range of around $2,500 (US$22.77) for the reference in a pot, and $1,300 (US$11.84) for the lotion formula. Next to it is Hinds from the British company GSK with body creams that cost $360 (US$3.27) and St Ives from Unilever, at a price of $519 (US$4.72).

u$s 1 = $109.78 (BCRA quote on Fri 01/21/2022)

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