Launch of O’TANIC Natural Shampoo prepared at 89% with natural ingredients

JLB CO., Ltd.and J Physicians are manufacturers and companies for the sale of natural cosmetics located in the metropolitan city of Gwangju and the province of Jeollanam-Doa, Korea, which operate under the slogan ‘cosmetics desired by the skin’.

Jang Sang-Geun, executive director of JLB CO., Ltd., affirms that: 'Cosmetics are products that we all need in life, and natural cosmetics are booming again as people focus more on safety, cleaning and natural ingredients of the skin in the covid era-19 '.

Recently, natural O'TANIC shampoo has been launched in addition to existing skin care products, registering good sales acceptance through its online channels.

The O'Tanic Deep Clean shampoo has been recommended as an effective shampoo for scalp care, according to user reviews: ‘Due to the fatty -type scalp had many grains in summer, due to the increase in skin fat.I feel that after a month of use of the O'Tanic shampoo, the problem ‘has decreased a lot.

For people concerned about their scalp, not only for their skin, the O'Tanic Deep Clean shampoo presents a natural power for tired scalp, with cooling, balance and care of scalp and micro-bubble care functions.

Lanzamiento de O’tanic Natural champú elaborado en un 89% con ingredientes naturales

The O'Tanic Deep Clean shampoo uses ingredients such as: plum extract, henna extract, multiflora fault root extract, leaf excerThe heat of the scalp, improve cleaning and increasing hydration.It also provides a refreshing sensation to the scalp that calms the skin.

89% of the ingredients obtain the green score in the EWG criteria, for being of natural origin.The emulsifier was evaluated by a reliable and impartial environmental research group in the United States, being 100% green grade.

It is a product that relieves the problems of scalp and hair that are as important as: skin, such as hair loss, ingredients that are effective for cleaning but are harmful, old tallow and scalp in the scalp, and damage to scalp and hair due to products that are not low in alkalinity.

The company wants to expand its product and sell it abroad in 2021 and, above all, it plans to promote the natural shampoo of Korea among more people around the world through associations abroad.

JLB CO., Ltd.And J Physicians are Korean companies that produce more than 20 types of products, not only natural shampoo, but also other O'TANICs products, and continue to develop new products according to the needs of customers.

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