Is it really possible to reduce or close the pores of the skin?

In the constant quest for healthier, smoother skin, everyone has seen facial care products that promise to reduce pore size. from the skin and even “eliminate” them. But is it possible that a mask, a serum or an exfoliant reduce the size of the pores to make them invisible?Is it really possible to reduce or close the pores in the skin? Is it really possible to reduce or close the pores of the skin?

As you may have guessed, the idea that a lotion reduces pore size is just not true, says dermatologist Tina Alster, creator and co-founder of The A Method company. Obviously, it is not possible to eliminate the pores. Also, we need them to live.


“That thing about having a face without pores is a myth. Pores are essential for the normal functioning of healthy skin”, says Alster.

Pores are just openings for hair follicles, and each pore contains its own sebaceous gland that produces oil or sebum. The skin needs sebum to be lubricated and protected. Too much sebum can lead to acne, and too little sebum causes dry, flaky skin.


The size of the pores depends on the genetics of each one and against that you can do little, but there are ways to hide the pores.

Pay attention to what the experts have to say.


Is it bad to have large pores?

While large pores may not look very flattering, they pose no health risk, says dermatologist Suzanne Friedler.


When people look for solutions to their pore size, they do so for cosmetic reasons, not for health, Friedler says. Because large pores are more pronounced, they're also a better place for debris and bacteria to accumulate, explains dermatologist Scott Paviol. Consequently, foundation can create a buttery look that will turn heads in photos or if you get too close to other people.

Is it really possible to reduce or close the skin pores?

While large pores can be a cosmetic nuisance, they also have their benefits, says Paviol.

“Having large pores is not bad from a health point of view. In fact, with age it can be beneficial because large pores secrete more sebum, which prevents the skin from drying out, a very common problem from certain ages ”, he explains.

How to hide pore size with topical treatments

Although it is aesthetically flattering to hide large pores, Paviol insists that it is not possible to change the size of the pore at home.

of the skin and conceals the opening of the pores”, he exposes.

Other skin care products that minimize the look of pores, according to Alster, are creams that contain acids (especially glycolic and salicylic) or retinol as active ingredients to unclog pores.

“These ingredients speed up skin regeneration and help empty pores so they appear smaller,” explains Alster.

Last but not least, putting on sunscreen every day makes a difference. Wearing sun protection factor (SPF) products on a regular basis helps reduce redness, irritation and discoloration, factors that affect the appearance of pores, according to naturopath Christina Bradshaw. Not to mention, the sun accelerates skin aging by breaking down its collagen, which makes it lose elasticity and causes pores to appear larger.

“My patients may think I'm a broken record, but SPF creams seem like the most important cosmetic product to me,” says Bradshaw. "It's the best tool we have to prevent the destruction of collagen, one of the main reasons why pores appear larger with age."

Medical treatments are more effective

Topical products are useful for clearing pores and concealing their size, but only medical treatments produce real visible effects, Friedler says. Among the treatments she refers to are laser and microneedle treatments, which require no recovery time.

“The best way to change pore size is to see a dermatologist who specializes in laser treatments,” says Friedler. “The Fraxel laser, for example, requires no downtime and can improve pigmentation, finer wrinkles, and worse-looking pores,” she says.

Other effective treatments are those that use Botox. “They help reduce sebaceous secretions and pore size,” he says.

If you're looking for something more effective than a supermarket cream but not as drastic as a treatment at the dermatologist's office, try specialized masks, which are very effective at concealing pores. Candace Marino, an expert in aesthetics, recommends the regular use of exfoliants and deep facial cleansers.

“With professional deep cleansers and exfoliators, pores stay cleaner and appear smaller without all those dead skin cells building up,” she concludes.

This article was originally published on HuffPost United States and has been translated from English by Daniel Templeman Sauco.

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