Is it advisable to use numbing cream for tattoos?

Is it advisable to use numbing cream for tattoos?

By Paloma Lopez. 21 December 2021

Tattoos are considered by many to be an art that is becoming more and more fashionable among people of all ages. Whether it is because you like the large drawings that occupy a large part of the body, as well as the discreet designs in hidden areas, this ancient technique has been gaining the respect of the whole world and it is rare right now for the person who does not have a drawing of ink on his skin. However, despite all the followers that tattoos have gained, today there is still one question that remains one of the most popular among beginners in this world; Do tattoos hurt?

It is clear that injecting ink into the skin can be painful and that is why anesthetic creams for tattooing are becoming more and more fashionable. However, its use is not so recommended by everyone and for this reason, in this OneHOWTO article we are going to solve the question of whether it is advisable to use an anesthetic cream for tattoos or not.

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  1. When is it advisable to use numbing cream for tattoos?
  2. How to apply numbing cream for tattoos
  3. How long does the effect of numbing cream for tattoos last?
  4. Possible Side Effects of Numbing Tattoo Cream

When is it advisable to use numbing cream for tattoos?

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time but the issue of pain puts you back, you may have thought of using an anesthetic cream on more than one occasion. These lotions or ointments have a percentage of anesthesia that will make your skin numb and reduce the pain of the punctures. Although it is not usually highly recommended by tattoo artists, there are situations in which it can be assessed if it is recommended.

¿Es recomendable usar crema anestésica para tatuajes?

First of all, you should buy a cream that is for sale in a pharmacy and offers you guarantees. You must read the prospectus very well and make sure you are not allergic to any of its components. Days before getting the tattoo, you can try putting it on a small piece of skin to see how it reacts and, if you are going to face a large design or a very compromised area, you can use a small amount to be able to support it better. However, it is recommended not to apply anything and feel the pain since, despite everything, it is the best indicator that the tattoo is being done well. If an area is tattooed where you don't feel anything, the tattoo artist doesn't have enough signs from you to know if it's going well or if it's doing too much damage, not only what you could feel at the time, but to the skin and the area itself, he is not entirely sure if it is going well or there may be some kind of problem, so the pain serves as a guide.

How to apply numbing cream for tattoos

If you decide to use an anesthetic cream before getting a tattoo, you should apply it a while before the intervention and after reading the leaflet you should follow these steps:

  1. Wash the area very well with neutral soap and let it air dry.
  2. Put some plastic gloves on your hands so that the cream does not go through.
  3. Apply the amount recommended by the brand and spread it gently.
  4. Cover the area with the cream with transparent paper and let it sit for an hour to take effect, but never longer as it could give your skin problems.
  5. When starting to tattoo, it is important to notify the tattooist so that he removes all the remains and does not go to deeper areas of the skin.

How long does the effect of numbing cream for tattoos last?

The effect of anesthesia on your skin will last around 45 minutes, in which you will only feel discomfort. After this, the area will begin to regain sensitivity. Even so, the duration may depend on the type of cream it is and the amount that we have applied. It is important, precisely for this reason, to have tried the cream before and make sure that it does not give us any type of reaction or side effect.

Possible Side Effects of Numbing Tattoo Cream

Despite being an alternative that can be useful to deal with the dreaded pain of tattoos, many tattoo artists do not want to work with anesthetized skin and partly do not recommend its use due to possible adverse effects that can be:

Now that you know all this and know that it is better not to use anesthetic cream for tattoos, except if you tattoo very delicate areas (nipples, genital area, etc.), we recommend you read these other articles related to tattoo care:

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