Is coconut oil really good for the skin?Here we answer you

Is coconut oil really good for the skin?Here we answer you

Coconut oil belongs to a select group of natural ingredients that can be used both in the kitchen and in your beauty routine.But is it good for all skin types?

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However, although coconut oil had an important moment, its time at the center of attention was not exempt from controversy.The benefits of the rinse with oil and the use of oil for hair growth are debatable, but there is science behind the positive effects that coconut oil can have on the skin

"The oil mainly has anti -inflammatory and moisturizing properties on the skin," says Dra.Mona Gohara, dermatologist certified by the Board and Associated Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Yale Medicine Faculty."This is not just speculative, there is real scientific corroboration for this".The doctor.Gohara points out a study that found that coconut oil is moisturizing for atopic dermatitis (eczema) in adults.

"For thousands of years, tropical countries have reaped coconuts, and a large number of these populations depend on the coconut palm for their livelihood," says Kruup Koestline, clean cosmetic chemical and founder of KKT Consultants."This is due, only that all parts of the coconut palm have a high nutritional and economic value".You may be waiting that this raw coconut oil bottle can function as a single -step skin care routine or want to obtain some of its benefits when using products with infusion.Either way, the two experts help us clarify things about how to use the oil on the skin correctly.

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What skin types can coconut oil use?

While this oil can help minimize outbreaks, it is also said that it is comedogenic, which causes the obstruction of pores and acne.Both dr.Gohara as Koestline say this is a myth.

Koestline points out that several factors can contribute to the obstruction of pores in addition to skin care, including "hormonal changes, diet, stress, poor hygiene or skin care".

Coconut oil is safe for all skin types, but dr.Gohara reiterates that any ingredient, including coconut oil, can be irritating for some people."Like any other new product, a possible irritating or allergic reaction is always a possibility," he says."This is not exclusive to coconut oil!"

A Budget Friendly option

Coconut oil is a good moisturizer for your skin as long as you find it in specialized products for it, so if you are looking for one that is accessible we recommend this of Palmer's that thanks to the rose and double function has a double function asNatural dismailing.

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