How to be the facial routine from 50, step by step - South Boulevard

How to be the facial routine from 50, step by step - South Boulevard

Cómo (y dónde) puedes realizar un buen entrenamiento para ponerte en forma

As with the makeup for mature skins, the care of the complexion from the 50 must adapt to the new needs. Aproximately in the first third of our life the great enemy is acne and all the problems related to excessSebo in the complexion.In mature skins the objective is rather the opposite: rebuild the protective barrier of the skin keeping hydration.

In addition, the lack of collagen due to hormonal changes encourages the appearance of wrinkles and certain effects that are visible on face and neck: the refinement of the dermis, the offalization of the skin, the sagging in general.for the loss of muscle tone.

On the other hand, cell renewal is realized and the skin loses luminosity, seems more turned off and lifeless.All this, with an inevitable feeling of dryness and the frequent appearance of spots.

Since the needs of the skin change arrival the mature age this forces us to look for certain ingredients that interest us more and slightly change our beauty rituals.


The cleaning of the face from the 50 must be based on a premise: that it has a moisturizing effect and does not dry out.For this, it is recommended, on the one hand, to use respectful formulas and do not dry out the complexes such as oils, micellar waters, foams or cleaning milks.On the other, if we use water, it is essential that it is not hot but warm or cold, if possible.

Cleaning in mature skins should be the first step of the facial care routine from 50, both in the morning and at night, although we have not made makeup.


It is the second step that has traditionally followed to clean the complexion to regulate pH before applying moisturizers or treatment.It is important to choose a specific tonic for mature skin or its needs, such as rose water.It can be applied in the form of mist, with a cotton or directly on the skin with the fingertips.

Day moisturizer

Cómo ha de ser la rutina facial a partir de los 50, paso a paso - Bulevar Sur

Unlike young skins in this case, it is necessary to rule out the light formulas that do not contribute enough lipids to the skin, so needed at this stage of life.In addition, it is more than advisable to opt for creams that include sun protection factor to minimize the appearance of spots as well as expression lines and wrinkles.

Periodic exfoliation

As we age, the cell renewal of our skin is stopped, which enhances the appearance of wrinkles and spots of age, pore obstruction and the appearance turned off from the complexion in general.

To counteract these effects we must resort to weekly or biweekly exfoliation.But instead of resorting to the classic physical exfoliating (granulated formulas or tools such as brushes), which are appropriate for skins with sebum and pore problems, the ideal for an anti -aging routine is to opt for chemical exfoliants that do not imply friction in the skin.

Chemical exfoliation will allow us to eliminate dead cells and dirt that favor our complexion to look like off without resecting or irritate (as with some microgranulated exfoliants).We must remember that one of the premises of the anti -wrinkle beauty routine is to clean the skin protective barrier.

Night ritual

In a facial care routine from 50 treatments must be applied at night, which is when the skin activates the repairing process.

After cleaning, this could be step by step:

The serum

It is a product that is distinguished from moisturizers and treatments by the large concentration of active ingredients it contains and its penetration power.That is why it is recommended for the care of mature skins, provided that the ingredients conform to their needs, as with the moisturizers.

The serum applies within the night routine, after cleaning and as a step prior to the moisturizer or treatment.The ideal is to resort to formulas with growth factors.

Night moisturizer

In addition to needing more unctuous formulas (as with the day), at night it is important that nutrition priority to reinforce that hydrolyzic barrier, increasingly diminished due to the passage of the years.Thus, we will opt for more fatty formulas, with recommended ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C, to increase collagen.

Other interesting ingredients are Deanol (to improve firmness; hyaluronic acid, to hydrate; growth factors to enhance cell regeneration; vitamin E to nurture and match the tone; omegas oils to reinforce hydration, etc.

Eye contour

From a certain age, the care of the eye contour is fundamental, since it is one of the areas in which the passage of the years is made.We talk about wrinkles in the eyelids, bags, dryness, rooster legs or fallen eyelids.Features that sadde up our gaze and make it look more tired.

When taking care of this area of the face, although we can be tempted to use the moisturizer for this purpose, we must know that it is not ideal.And it is that the skin around the eyes has a structure and a pH different from the rest of the complexion.

When applying it, we will need a minimum amount, the size of a rice grain to avoid greasing the area too much.It should be applied with little pressure, to touch, for example, although it will depend on the problems and needs of each person in the eye contour.Thus, according to Raquel González, Director of Education of Perricone MD «for those who retain liquid, it is better to make a drag technique, from the center to the temple, promoting lymphatic drainage».

How to create the perfect ritual

Our advice?It is best to resort to a ritual prescribed by a professional so that products and routines are complemented as best as possible in search of the best result.

Otherwise, if we try to create our own routine from products of different brands and ingredients we can be neglecting some important aspect to improve or even wasting some active step or substance for not applying or combining it correctly.

Thus, if we want to go to the sure, we can opt for treatment lines of a trusted brand that cover the facial care ritual for full mature skin.


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