HERBORISTERÍA AÍDA continues to take care of your health

A year after the World Pandemic Declaration by the World Health Organization is fulfilled at this time.There are 365 days in which we have all worried not to spread of the COVID-19.Masks, hydro -alcoholic gels, security distance, avoid closed spaces and agglomerations, telephone medical consultations ... It should be assumed that we can not lower our guard for the next months, in which the virus that has changed everything will continue to accompany us.

During this time, the coronavirus has been so present in our lives that we may have neglected other health aspects that were capitals not so long ago.Control our cholesterol, take care of our skin, flee from chemicals and bet on the natives and have healthYou can find all those products that help us maintain good health and that our body is as tight as possible so that everything works like a clock.

Located at number 2 of the Donostiarra Calle Miracruz, this establishment leads a lifetime dedicated to advice related to natural products in its different biological food branches or natural nutritional and cosmetic accessories.

It was the year 1985 when Aída García launched this trade with her husband, Javier Vallejo.This establishment fostered the Bio culture in Donostia when it had barely heard of it for these payments.

Herboristería Aída sigue cuidando de tu salud

It was in 2008 when the son of both, Daniel Vallejo, took over the business and decided to give him a more comprehensive approach, expanding the facilities.In Aída herbalism, you can choose between an extensive range of biological food products, they have a large quantity and quality in gluten -free products, as well as ecological cosmetics or accessories for the athletes of athletes ... All this together with an advice that will allow youAlways take home the ideal product.

Natural medicine

Among its shelves we can find natural remedies for all types of ailments and in herbalism aid know how to advise the client well, since without this part it is impossible to find the component that will help you improve.In Aída herbalism they listen to you to obtain all the information about your discomfort.The quality of the service is at the height of the products they offer and it is that combination that makes this historic trade on Miracruz Street in one of the most reputed in the city in its sector.

The team of people who serves the clientele has a degree in dietary and nutrition and works not only under the premise of attending, but of understanding people who come with a health problem.This is one of the added values of Aída herbalism regarding buying any online product.

In fact, it should be taken into account that acquiring this type of products without the advice of a professional, far from being beneficial, can even be harmful to your health.Putting into professionals like those who work in Aída is key to finding solutions to your problems.

An integral alternative to improve your health

The Human Herbalist team Aída aims.From the house they remember that natural medicine is complementary to tradition.

Ecological cosmetics

Ecological cosmetics is also occupying an increasingly relevant place and Aída herbalism has made a clear commitment to it.Offers a wide range of cosmetics free of chemical components, among which is the prestigious natural cosmetics line.Hauschka, which offers the best ingredients of nature for your skin care.

In Aída herbalisms they also have products specially designed to complement the athlete's diet.

It is a world -oriented establishment that wants to take care of their body and discover how natural medicine can help you feel better, to balance those analyzes in which some asterisk appeared or to overcome those ailments that torment you from a time ago and thatYou don't get them to refer.

In herborisma aída they will put more than three decades of experience at your service in an area in which it is capital to understand the patient and know what he needs.They await you on Miracruz 2 street, in the Donostiarra Barrio de Gros, where they are since 1985.

Aída herbalism

Address: Miracruz Street, 2 (20001, Donostia)

Telephone: 943 290 369

Facebook: Aída herbalism