Heart who is Ricardo Ruiz, the prestigious dermatologist who takes care of Tamara Falcó's skin

Heart who is Ricardo Ruiz, the prestigious dermatologist who takes care of Tamara Falcó's skin

Ricardo Ruiz, Dermátologist and founder of the International Dermatological Clinic of Madrid, in assembly of Jaleos next to Falcó.

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This medical professional founded the first skin hospital in Spain in 2018. He is considered one of the 120 best doctors in the country.

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This Wednesday Tamara Falcó (39 years) has revealed through her social networks who is the prestigious dermatologist who takes care of her skin, and the person responsible for Isabel Preysler's daughter (70) looks a smooth and perfect complexion, where wrinkle herIt has no place.This professional is none other than Dr. Ricardo Ruiz Rodríguez (58), dermatologist and founder of the International Dermatological Clinic of Madrid.The first hospital in Spain specialized in the skin.This clinic has been chosen for the fourth consecutive year as "the best monographic dermatological clinic in Spain," according to the health reputation monitor.

The International Dermatological Clinic is the first Spanish center where clinical, surgical, oncological, pediatric and repairing dermatology is carried out jointly, with specific operating rooms for skin cancer treatment and capillary transplant.In its facilities there is space for all technological advances, as well as the latest in treatment of clinical-surgical, oncological and aesthetic dermatology.The motto that appears painted on the walls of the clinic is "that nobody leaves our clinic without feeling better or a little happier."

Ricardo Ruiz can also boast the best professionals in his clinic.A team that is characterized by continuous dermatological training, with multiple clinical and anatomopathological sessions, publications in the most prestigious scientific journals and constant participation in national and international congresses.

Corazón Quién es Ricardo Ruiz, el prestigioso dermatólogo que cuida la piel de Tamara Falcó

Ricardo Ruiz is a Doctor of Medicine, an oncological and aesthetic dermatologist trained at the Complutense University, at the Mayo Clinic, as well as at the University of California.In 1987 he received the extraordinary bachelor's prize.In 1992 he got the distinguished doctorate in medicine and surgery with the qualification of Cum Laude.Ruiz is also the author of six books, including Antiaging, Fernando is friends with the Sun, Fernando goes to the hospital, do not wrinkle and the book of Botox.In addition, he has participated in nine books on dermatology and is a regular rapporteur in the American Academy of Dermatology.

The truth is that your curriculum leaves no one indifferent.Innovative and entrepreneur, he founded in 2006 the first international dermatological clinic.In addition, he directed the Dermatology Unit of the Ruber Clinic from 1994 to 2018 after exercising as an internal doctor resident in dermatology at the University Hospital 12 de Octubre.Thus he spoke in 2018 out of his series of his extensive career: "Over the years, and go 25, I was wrong so many times that in the end one knows what he wants."He told in that interview that when he communicated at home that he wanted to be a dermatologist, his parents took a disgust: there was no history of doctors in the family, but his vocation was clear and strong.He studied medicine and realized that he liked all specialties, such was his desire to learn.He soon found his true passion in dermatology.

"It is true that it does not have much glamor in the sense that it seems that you are not saving lives, but it is very interesting because you have a medical part watching patients; surgical part; technology with lasers or ultrasound; research, pathological anatomy, you have to know of dermatopathology, do biopsies ... "he said.Recently, when the alarm state was decreed in Spain, in March 2020, its clinic was also affected and had to temporarily close.Despite the other way around, this doctor did not regret and saw a new opportunity to explore.

Ricardo Ruiz in an official image provided by his clinic's website.

Thus, he launched a free teledermatology service.With him he was able to track his patients at the virtual level because, as he explained to me: "Our specialty allows you to consult through an image with a good resolution, and the appropriate data, of the leather injury in question.Studies show that diagnosis safety is close to 90 percent with respect to physical consultation. "

Be that as it may, Ricardo Ruiz is a man made to himself, who can say that he has achieved his great dream by raising this first hospital in Spain, the culmination of his vital objectives.Thus I spoke a while ago of this goal achieved: "My dream has always been to create a skin hospital in which to offer the patient an integral approach from the medical, aesthetic and oncological point of view. That in the same environment we can removea cancer and analyze it and formulate a personalized cosmetic cream. That we can see people with psoriasis, with acne, with alterations of chemotherapy but also make lasers or infiltrations. And this was the time because I work with such bright people in each field, which was worth making the effort and gathering us all. "

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