Halo Skin, the best of science for your skin

La piel es el órgano más grande del cuerpo y una ventana al interior, por lo que su salud refleja tu bienestar. ¿Te imaginas encontrar excelentes productos dermatológicos en un solo sitio? Eso es Halo Skin. Una farmacia dermatológica online que ofrece lo mejor de la ciencia para que tu piel, cabello y uñas estén siempre saludables. A continuación te contamos todo lo que debes saber sobre esta útil e increíble plataforma.Halo Skin, lo mejor de la ciencia para tu piel Halo Skin, lo mejor de la ciencia para tu piel

Dr.Sara Cherem is the creator of Halo Skin and who endorses and cures the platform sales products.Surgeon graduated from UNAM in the NUCE program of high academic excellence, has a versatile and successful career as a medical and dermatologist.As if that were not enough, she is also the director and founder of The Skin Clinic MX office.

Since 2016, The Skin Clinic MX mission is to promote skin health through prevention.Not only give a timely diagnosis, but they educate their patients about specific care for each type of skin.With your advice, you can create your basic Skincare routine to follow up your consultations.

Halo Skin, lo mejor de la ciencia para tu piel

The Skin Clinic highlights natural beauty and delays the passage of time, as it has the most new laser technology for different clinical and aesthetic procedures.It offers valuations and diagnoses by the hand of an expert, as well as different treatments, from cleaning and peeling, to hydrophacials for deep cleaning, among many others.

In 2020, a group of dermatologists began to select the products that are now part of the Halo Skin catalog.Each offers the best care for the skin of their customers.

Halo Skin has an alliance with first -class brands such as Skin Ceauticals,Avène, Cetaphil, Eucerin, Filorga Laboratories, ISDIN, Skin Better Science, PCA Skin, J.F.Lazartigue, SVR, Sesen, Moroccanoil, among many others.

We know that several of Skincare's products are finished at three months.Due to the need to renew them before they run out, Halo Skin created his subscription system.In this way, you will continue without interruptions your routine and you can even take advantage of excellent discounts.

All you have to do is create your subscription, select the frequency of shipping and pay with PayPal.An easy and fast way to consent and maintain the dermatological care you deserve!Subscribe here.

“We want to get closer to science, so you can have healthy skin, hair and nails."

- Dra.Sara Cherem

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