From success to ruin: the sad death of Rubén Aguirre, Professor Jirafales

From success to ruin: the sad death of Rubén Aguirre, Professor Jirafales

"El Chavo del 8" was undoubtedly one of the catapults to success for all his characters, especially Rubén Aguirre, who his followers remember him with affection for his loving character of "Professor Jirafales", the eternal lover of''Doña Florinda''.

However, despite the success of the series and possibly the millions he is paying back in his portfolios, Aguirre died in a state of economic ruin.

The story of Rubén Aguirre

Before dedicating himself to acting, Rubén obtained the degree of Agricultural Engineer at the Escuela Superior de Agrotura Hermanos Escobar in Ciudad Juárez.

After discovering his passion for 'fiction', he achieved his first character as "clown Pipo", Chespirito, saw him in his role and summoned him to the casting of El Chavo of 8. From there, he began his life in show business. Not only in El Chavo of 8, but also with his appearances in El Chapulín Colorado.

Del éxito a la ruina: la triste muerte de Rubén Aguirre, el profesor Jirafales

After finishing the series, he moved to Argentina where he had some years of the circus called "the Circus of Professor Jirafales".

Once back in his country, one of the triggers was a traffic accident he had with his wife.

His wife went through a lot of surgeries and still couldn't get a leg back. He also had major problems with his spine.

This whole process involved huge costs, to such an extent that in 2015 news went beyond the news that the actor was almost with the last funds. Then, his diabetes condition and kidney stone problem intensified.

By not being able to afford his treatment, he desperately sought funding by various means. This led him to sue the National Association of actors of Mexico for refusing to pay his medical expenses that they had said they would cover.

At the age of 82, Rubén Aguirre died in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, on June 17, 2016. A sad ending for someone who brought his mark to a great success.

Your earnings

According to Celebrity net worth, specialized in celebrity financial activities, he revealed that Chespirito's fortune-Roberto Gómez Bolaños, as creator, screenwriter and protagonist, would have earned $50 million, only for'El Chavo del 8'.

While Carlos Villagran "Quico" and María Antoinette de las Nieves "La Chilindrina", they had received 10 million. Which means Rubén Aguirre's profits could be in that range.