Four tips for the little ones to adapt to the daily routine

Four tips for the little ones to adapt to the daily routine

Paps and moms return to normal after summer.Therefore, Freshly Kids proposes the best tips for babies to adapt in the best way to the new routine.

-Healthy nutrition.During the holidays they are usually adopted less healthy eating habits and with frequent time changes.For babies and children to be happy, it is essential to adopt healthier and more beneficial routines.

Therefore, it is essential that babies receive the best food products so that their body remains healthy, especially those based on safe, healthy and sustainable ingredients extracted from nature itself.A good purpose for the return to the routine would be to add more fruit to its diet, since it provides water, vitamins, minerals and fiber, is antioxidant and prevents diseases.

-Stepo daily.This family ritual, in addition to being fun, helps children to create a routine and a schedule and encourage them to acquire good habits following a healthy life model.It is basic for health and physical and emotional well -being of the little ones in the house.

-Daily Bath Pack (play and learn in the bathroom).A fun pack containing the soft smiling kiwi shampoo and the Funny Aloe nutritious bath gel, the perfect allies to play in the bathtub, finding quality and efficiency in them.The 100% natural bath routine to clean the skin and hair softly respecting the dermal barrier, without drying out or irritating the eyes.They are also suitable for all skin types!

Cuatro tips para que los más pequeños se adapten a la rutina diaria

From its first day, you can bathe the newborn with these two products to clean and take care of your skin smoothly and without soap.The Daily Bath Pack converts the bathroom of the little ones into a great experience for the whole family.

The moment of the bath is one of the keys to creating links and the ideal occasion to relax the little ones before going to sleep.Water is an excellent means to experience new sensations and develop their senses.Games in the bathtub help motor skills and balance, but also teach him to discover the body, environment, textures or sounds.

-Dream Peach Body Oil (relaxing massage time).Body oil Dream Peach Nutre, treats and calm thanks to an excellent combination of 9 high quality vegetable oils and soft and respectful natural assets with the delicate skin of the baby.This 100% natural formula includes calendula oil, sesame, camelina, raspberry, jojoba, hazelnut, rice, Kendi, macadamia, avocado and rose mosqueta.In addition, of oatmeal and quinoa assets that help treat sensitive and atopic skins.Its light texture of rapid absorption linked to sweet perfume with peach notes, pear and cotton leaf, is ideal to relax and calm the little ones with a pleasant massage before going to sleep to improve their rest, relieve cramps and improveYour digestion.

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