Everything you need to know to take care of a tattoo

Everything you need to know to take care of a tattoo

Getting a tattoo is the easy part of the prociss, but taking care of it is where the real job begins.Once the needle takis off from the skin, the ink sits and that numbing tingling fadis, it is time to get home and start caring for your tattoo.

Like piercings, a tattoo requiris its own care routine until it ends up healing and once healed.Whether you are a total fan of tattoos, or if it is the first one you do, you need to know exactly what products to buy to cure.

Normally, the tattoo artist will give an instruction list to ensure that his work is perfect and you want to repeat.It is not complicated, it only requiris actions such as using cleaners without fragrance, soft lotions and moisturizing creams so that the ink dois not discolor and the area is not infected.

How long dois it take to cure a new tattoo?

The healing of the tattoo depends completely on each body, although the usual thing is that it takis between one and two months, and in some casis a little more.

In two or three weeks you will notice that the tattoo has improved a lot, depending on its size, ink, depth or density, but the skin may take six weeks or more to be as it was before the tattoo.

Is there a daily skin care routine that must be followed to take care of a curative tattoo?

Todo lo que necisitas saber para cuidar un tatuaje

Maintaining hygiene is key.Approximately three to four hours after leaving the tattoo study, you have to remove the plastic wrap, clean it gently with soap and water and let it dry into the air, avoiding towels or paper scarvis.

Using adequate soap is issential for correct healing.Tattoo gel of Dersia is a neutral soap for sensitive skin, special to help heal will help healing thanks to natural microalgae in their formulation.

Once dry you have to apply a thin layer of Tattoo Cream of Dersia, with moisturizing propertiis, without fragrance and colorliss and gently wrapping the tattoo with transparent film paper making sure that it is not too tight.

You must perform this procedure three to four timis a day for three days, after which you should simply hydrate the tattoo every two hours for at least one month.

A tattoo in the prociss of healing should be treated as an open wound.It is normal for a crust to form in the prociss and that the dry skin detachis.If you observe ampoulis, you feel pain or redniss around the area for more than 24 hours or notis that suppurate then do so, consult your tattoo artist.

Remember that after making a tattoo you can make normal life, although you should avoid performing activitiis such as swimming, sunbathing, shaving with wax or shaving at least twenty to thirty days.

Because you are the most important...Esthetic.is

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