Skin off?10 things you are doing wrong (and they have nothing to do with the creams you use)

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I am 38 years old and a routine of skin care that sometimes resembles that of the Asians - they were the ones that invented double cleaning, the overlap of different serums (Aka Layering) and the facial routines with many steps and enoughCreams–.But every time they ask me what my skin concern is, I always answer the same thing: the lack of luminosity.I know that sleeping does not help bad face or skin off, but it is evident that there are many other factors that are maintaining efficacy to the challenge of facial care steps that I practice every day.And I do not mean the usual combo of bad habits ‘eating evil-forming less than 8 hours’, but to other practices in which we do not usually repair but are playing against me silently.

We talk about it with Carmen Navarro, director of the centers that bear her name, and with Estrella Pujol, creator of the Oxigen Center in Barcelona.

#1.Do not protect yourself from blue light (or use sun protection)

From the negative effects of the blue light that emit the electronic devices we have already spoken - only a reminder: the blue light dirties the skin and the excess can cause the appearance of spots and sagging -.But we have not done so much about the importance of protecting themselves in front of it.Carmen Navarro reminds us: “It reduces everything you can overexposure and protect yourself with products that act as a shield and avoid, not only the lack of luminosity, but also oxidative damage, dehydration and the appearance of spots.Being at home with a SPF 30 is enough to counteract the effects of blue light, ”explains the expert.

#two.Do not practice digital disconnection one hour before going to bed

Although we do a vast majority - to fall asleep with a book in the hands and not with the mobile is almost a utopia - it is necessary to change this habit.“It is important to perform digital disconnection at least 1 hour before bedtime.You will prevent blue light from influencing sleep quality.Not only for how it affects melatonin, but also because if you do not rest well and sleep the necessary hours, your skin cannot correctly perform its cell regeneration, ”says Navarro.

#3.You don't have 30 minutes from Power Walking

It is not necessary to surrender to the HIIT, it is enough to keep our body active, avoid sedentary lifestyle and practice about 30 minutes of exercise per day, which can be equivalent to a walk at a good pace.As explained by Estrella Pujol, if we do not exercise regularly, we will have a circulatory deficit.“This means that blood circulation does not go at the optimal speed to allow the correct oxygenation of all body cells, including those of the epidermis.And if we consider that the skin is the last organ of the organism to which nutrients and hydration reach, as a result to that lack of circulation, the face will maintain greater opacity, ”explains the expert.

#4.You practice sport without taking care of the skin before and after

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Carmen Navarro reminds us: a) The benefits of sport in the skin, since flexibility increases and improves its structure, in addition to favoring the elimination of toxins.b) The importance of caring for the skin before and after that there are components that negatively influence the skin such as sweat, impurities and dehydration.“To avoid this, it is important to clean your face before and after sports.You must release the pores and not only if you wear makeup.We have to eliminate the remains of impurities and toxins using an appropriate product to each type of skin so that it does not dehydrate it, ”says the expert.

#5.Flour abuse

How many foods we eat daily wearing flour?Taking into account that they enter the list, not only breads, but cookies, mold bread, breakfast cereals, battered and some sauces, surely the answer would be "a few".It is important to know that, as the Oxygen expert explains, an excess of flours causes a chain of reactions in our body: heavy digestions/more slow and heavy intestinal processes/constipation and that can cause, for example, an acneic eruption or aexcessive sebity generation that, if not deleted correctly, when oxidized, damage and reduce the skin's luminosity.

#6.Do not take enough vitamin C

Not only of vitamin C applied on the skin lives a beautiful and bright skin."Vitamin C is responsible for giving light to the skin and one of the best allies for fatigued and off skins," says Navarro, which recommends having foods rich in this vitamin in the fridge.You know: tomatoes, citrus, strawberries ...

#7.You want to get to everything

A classic that should be remembered: stress."There are internal factors such as excess stress or concerns, which do not allow us.That is why Dolce Far niente and vacations feel so good to the skin.

#8.You do not work conscious

We all breathe, but we do not always do it in a conscious and beneficial way for our body.Work conscious breathing to improve oxygenation of our body and, therefore, also the luminosity of the skin, requires some learning.You can start with the recommendation that Navarro makes: “Sit on the bed with your back and press the tip of your tongue against the palate, just behind the front teeth.Keeping this position, close the mouth and inhale by the nose until counting up to 4, keep this breath until count to 7 and then exhale by the mouth around the tongue until counting up to 8.Repeat 4 times, ”he says.Try to turn this practice into a habit.

#9.Processed meat abuses and sausages

The abuse of processed meat and sausages, not only affects the organism, but the luminosity of the skin.This is explained by Carmen Navarro: "The preservatives who use, such as sulphites, are responsible, if they abuse them, the lack of light and, in addition, they can cause inflammation and redness," he says.In the same way, Puyol also remembers that any packaged product has chemical elements that “although they are perfectly safe for health, they do affect the nutritional contribution of food and, therefore, in the quality of its vitamins, minerals, minerals,Hydrates, proteins and fats ".And all this also goes to the appearance of our skin.

#10.Do not protect your skin from interior pollution

As the Oxygen expert explains, there is no chronic attached picture attacked by domestic toxins, but it is important to keep in mind that domestic pollution exists and that its impact can be minimized.They are a universe of microparticles that we do not see, but that come from heating, cooling, construction materials and cleaning products and that it is being demonstrated that they can cause the decrease in vitamin E of our skin and the loss of firmness.Since each person goes on average 80 % of their time at home or in their office, domestic pollution constitutes, according to WHO, a daily danger.Therefore, using antipolution products with detox effect is interesting to free the skin from those Indoor toxins that it faces.Some of the ingredients that have demonstrated efficacy in that regard is tomato extract and hibiscus.

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