Burned lips: how to calm them and cure them

Burned lips: how to calm them and cure them

Throughout the year but especially in summer we must protect our skin from the sun and its radiation.All exposed parts can be burned by the sun, but there are some in which the rays hit more directly and in which we do not always remember using sunscreen.This is the case of our lips.

We often forget to protect the lips of the sun, when they are one of the most vulnerable face parts.That is why it should become a priority to take measures to protect them from possible burns.Not only because of the discomfort they entail, but also and especially for the risk of developing skin cancer.

Burned lips symptoms

When our lips burn, they swell and get red.In addition, they can become more sensitive to touch and even blisters can be formed in them, similar to how they appear in other parts of the burned skin.

The symptoms of the lips burned by the sun usually last between three and five days, although in more severe cases they can lengthen up to 10 days.

Cancer risk

In addition to causing painful swelling and ampoules, sun burned lips can also increase the risk of lip cancer.According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the most common type of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma.This can appear on the upper lip, particularly on the outside and next to the lip.

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Most lip cancers appear on the lower lip and tend to be squamous cell carcinomas, another type of skin cancer that has a greater probability of spreading.The main lip cancer risk factor is the ultraviolet radiation (UV) of the sun, so it is essential.

After a solar burn on the lip, precacerative inflammation called actinic cheilitis can be developed, which could lead to squamous cell cancer.In the early stages, it can be shown as very cracked lips.PSI noticed that something escamoso appears on the lips that looks like a burn or becomes white, we should communicate it to a dermatologist.


When we put us sunscreen on the lips, some things must be taken into account.For example, that many people pass their tongue through the lips, so the sunscreen is removed.

There are also people who do not wear a protector because they use lipstick and think that they are already protected or do not want to spoil makeup.But ultraviolet rays penetrate the product if it does not contain sun protection.We should opt for a lip balm with SPF.

In case of suffering a burn of the lips, we can take an anti -inflammatory analgesic to help relieve sensitivity and swelling, and also use a cold compress to reduce inflammation and pain.There are ointments and creams but, in these cases, we must always consult a doctor or pharmacist.What we should do is stay away from the sun until the lips have cured.

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