AHA, the beauty active ingredient that increases collagen production, reduces expression lines and leaves skin firm and smooth

AHA, the beauty active ingredient that increases collagen production, reduces expression lines and leaves skin firm and smooth


When the passing of the years begins to show on our skin, it is the moment in which we begin to worry more about the composition of the cosmetics we use. Until then, a moisturizing cream that kept our skin nourished was enough, but with the appearance of the first wrinkles, we began to become interested in the different beauty active ingredients and their effects on our skin. Words like ferulic acid, bakuchiol, tranexamic acid or retinol become part of our usual vocabulary and we spend more time reading the composition of cosmetic boxes than shopping.

This is how we arrived at the asset that concerns us today, the AHAs. In fact, AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids are a set of organic acids of natural origin that increase the speed of the cell renewal cycle, achieving a more uniform and glowy skin. In other words, they exfoliate the skin. This exfoliation is more indirect than mechanical exfoliation (which is carried out using exfoliating particles, such as sugar) but, at the same time, it is softer, it improves the texture of the skin, increasing its luminosity and helping to avoid acne lesions.

There are many molecules with an alpha hydroxy acid structure, but the most used in beauty are glycolic, tartaric, lactic and mandelic acid and their continued use improves the texture of the skin in a very short time and leaves it smoother, softer and more luminous.

Thanks to their exfoliating effects, alpha hydroxy acids eliminate the uneven and uneven appearance of the skin. They act by helping to loosen dead cells, revealing new, more uniform skin with fewer spots. This procedure helps reduce acne marks, pigmentation, and fine lines, as well as helps smooth rough skin. With regular use, AHAs help thicken the epidermis and increase collagen production, reducing fine lines and leaving skin firm and smooth. In addition, they have a moisturizing action, which means that they attract water to the skin to keep it hydrated. And finally, AHAs fit perfectly into other skin care routines as they can enhance the action of other products.

AHA, el activo de belleza que aumenta la producción de colágeno, reduce las líneas de expresión y deja una piel firme y tersa

If you want to introduce this beauty asset to your daily care, here is our favorite AHA selection:

Glycolic Acid: Sunday Riley's Good Genes Glycolic Acid TRT

Enriched with extremely pure and formaldehyde-free glycolic acid, to sublimate dull, sun-damaged or blemished skin without sacrificing what is essential: safety, quality and speed of results. Containing tiny molecules of glycolic acid, Good Genes penetrates deeper into the skin than other AHA-based formulas to dissolve pore-clogging dirt and repair the appearance of sun-damaged, blemished, wrinkled skin, or dull appearance. Available at Sephora for 47.99 euros.

Tartaric Acid: Bio Peel Gentle gauze peeling Wine from Neogen

Facial peeling in cotton discs with Red Wine extract and Resveratol that act as an antioxidant treatment. Cleanses dead cells and removes accumulated dirt without irritating the face. It does not need rinsing and leaves the face soft. Find it at Planet Skin for 26.90 euros.

Lactic acid: Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% from The Ordinary

A gentle yet extraordinary exfoliating treatment. With 10% Lactic Acid and 2% Hyaluronic Acid, this lightweight serum stimulates cell regeneration by reducing pigmentation, diminishing acne scars and age spots, and improving overall skin texture. The lactic acid present in the formula contains pure Tasmanian pepper berry, so it relieves the sensitivity that peeling sometimes causes, since this berry is known to be an excellent reducer of the symptoms that cause inflammation in sensitive skin. . Find it in Douglas for 6.99 euros

Mandelic Acid: Proactive Restorative Tonic Avant Skincare

In addition to removing the last traces of makeup and deep cleansing, it gently exfoliates, refreshes and stimulates dry and congested skin. Helps remove all skin impurities while improving tone, tightening pores and restoring skin immediately after cleansing. It is formulated with mandelic acid, wheat protein and copper. Mandelic acid acts on hyperpigmentation (age spots, freckles, and uneven skin tones). Wheat protein helps balance moisture and gently nourish skin. Lastly, copper helps stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, while aiming to maintain skin strength, control shine, and minimize breakouts. Available in Douglas for 81.95 euros.

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