5 sustainable beauty brands you should know

5 sustainable beauty brands you should know

June 5, International Environment Day and the perfect day to recognize and recommend green brands that with great effort decide to take the planet into account in their proposals. Water-based products, cruelty free and toxic free formulas are some of the characteristics that can be found in this type of firm.


A brand of 100% Mexican beauty products inspired by the environment and its benefits, developing specialized treatments with natural and toxic-free ingredients. Its products are made with water, with special textures for the type of skin in Mexico and Latin America (due to warmer climates and denser humidity). They do not use any ingredients derived from animals. All creams and cosmetics are made with ingredients derived from plants and seaweed with excellent benefits for the skin.

Artistry Essentials

5 marcas de belleza sustentables que debes conocer

Artistry's new sustainable collection is designed with skin care and environmental protection in mind. With 25 botanical elements and 16 active ingredients (such as vitamin C), the Essentials line presents 8 allies for a fresh and clean face while taking care of the planet. The products of this new collection have been manufactured with natural products, in order to create awareness and start caring for our environment.


Lush products are 100% sustainable. Starting with their packaging that is recyclable, each soap, shampoo and moisturizer has been created under the now famous #CrueltyFree which protects animals from cosmetic tests. In turn, their products are made by hand and with natural and plant-based ingredients. Lush supports fair trade and treats its suppliers, artisans and employees as well as its customers in an ethical and sustainable manner.


The company's commitment to the environment is reflected in each of its products made from fruits, plants and natural oils. One of its main objectives is to reduce the greenhouse effect by reducing the gases released from its factories. In turn, each cosmetic has an ethical process with its suppliers and workers.

Burt's Bees

The Burt's Bees brand works hand in hand with people who are committed to the planet itself, who produce and distribute products of natural origin. Its creators had as their main philosophy to be a brand for the greater good, which helps and benefits its customers and producers. In turn, Burt's Bees has certifications that endorse it as a sustainable brand that is concerned about the environment; One of them is the certification of carbon neutral use, which is granted to organizations and companies that take care of carbon emissions in their work spaces.

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