What is 'Well-August' and how can the biological age of your skin improve in 28 days

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Si echamos un vistazo a los últimos estudios científicos sobre el envejecimiento es fácil concluir que este se produce por el paso del tiempo y por los diversos agentes del medio en que vivimos (contaminación, sequedad, cambios bruscos de temperatura, la luz de las pantallas). Pero la principal causa es la pérdida de la estructura epigenética de la piel, es decir, la energía celular, que con los años y el mal funcionamiento de estas desemboca en el envejecimiento sin remedio. Y esto hay que aceptarlo, no sirve de nada poner parches a la naturaleza, lo mejor es adoptar una actitud positiva ante este hecho y ayudar a la piel a perder la juventud con nobleza y estilo.Qué es 'well-ageing' y cómo puede mejorar la edad biológica de tu piel en 28 días Qué es 'well-ageing' y cómo puede mejorar la edad biológica de tu piel en 28 días

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The Well Ageing concept is based on that, on accepting how we are, without dramas, but, yes, putting healthy and sustainable habits that facilitate the path of aging while we keep our best possible.This means that if those unfriendly wrinkled.It is a night cream and is called Omega Rich Well Ageing Cream, by Freshly Cosmetics and constitutes a 360º treatment to improve the biological age of your facial skin, repair cell damage and restructure protein production to reverse those expression lines, andrecover off the skin off.

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Plant hyaluronic acid treatment

Qué es 'well-ageing' y cómo puede mejorar la edad biológica de tu piel en 28 días

To help our skin feel good in each period of our life, Omega Rich night cream incorporates encapsulated vegetable hyaluronic acid technology that allows greater penetration and hydration of the skin (Delivery System).While you sleep, lost cell energy levels are restored thanks to ingredients such as ribose and glycogen it contains.In addition, its innovative antioxidant bioactives protects the skin from external factors such as pollution and free radicals.

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8 natural assets that work while you sleep

In its formulation, Omega Rich has 8 last generation clinical assets to take care of your skin, be the age you have.All of them make up a very effective solution to regenerate your skin and soften the signs of aging.Glycogen, helps cells continue to produce energy;The Young Skin Booster effect acts similarly to the Botox reducing the expression lines with its components;The ribose improves elasticity;There are other assets that facilitate collagen synthesis and provide, such as Salicornia, intense hydration;Others improve the cutaneous barrier...The fact is that after 28 days of application you will perceive a smoother, revitalized skin, toned with a natural formulation while your body rests.

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Proven, tested and ratified efficacy

The statistics, comments of users and results of studies speak high and clear of the benefits of this treatment, Omega Rich de Freshly Cosmetics reduces wrinkles up to 78%, up to 72% its depth, 61% its size and 47%your number;Increases hydration by notoriously by 130%, reverts sagging and improves smoothness because it has a small lifting effect.The first month of application, you will notice the change.But after 56 days of use, the uniformity of the skin tone will increase by 56% and reduce your imperfections by 33.3%.And also your natural skin barrier will be reinforced and your skin will become 66% more elastic.

Your night routine, one of the pleasures of the day

And speaking of application, you will love that the time for your night hygiene routine arrives because Omega Rich's texture will fall in love from day one, it is soft, it is absorbed leaving juicy skin, which does not fat.Another of the blessings of this cream that the experts already enjoy is that, when applying it on the skin, a delicate perfume with almond flower, orange, apricot, coconut and super -re -re -re -re -re -re -raising vanilla notes to help you sleep better.You have to put it with spatula after cleaning, tone and applying the serum on the face, to preserve its properties, dose it better (a portion of the size of a pea every time, it is enough) and extend it with a soft massage always from inside inside.

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