VALENTINE 2022: The personalized spotify plate and other customizable gifts to surprise your partner

VALENTINE 2022: The personalized spotify plate and other customizable gifts to surprise your partner

Sí, sabemos que San Valentín tiene mucho de comercial, pero lo cierto es que es una excusa perfecta para celebrar y tener una fecha especial en el calendario. Si eres de los que siempre hace algo en el Día de los Enamorados, ya sea con tu pareja o tus amigos, seguro que cada año buscas formas más originales para sorprender a las personas que quieres. San Valentín 2022: la placa de Spotify personalizada y otros regalos personalizables para sorprender a tu pareja San Valentín 2022: la placa de Spotify personalizada y otros regalos personalizables para sorprender a tu pareja

In Bazar we do celebrate February 14, and that's why we have made a selection of customizable gifts you can find at Amazon.We have nothing against flowers or chocolates, but if you want to bet this year for something more special, do not stop taking a look at these ideas.

The best Valentine's gifts

If you are thinking that there are a couple of weeks left and that you are still on time, we are not going to take reason.Of course, if you are thinking of a customizable gift like these that you will find below, you must do it with margin, because the shipping times are more prolonged.And, of course, the self -regions are also welcome (to love oneself is the most important).


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The tree of the tree of life is one of the most special gifts.It is of sterling silver and you can add up to nine names, one for each branch, you choose the amount.A jewel with a very special meaning and a gift of the most original to get it right in this Valentine.Perfect for your partner, your mother, your grandmother or your best friend.

You can buy it here for 39.90 euros.


For the most sweet and chocolate lovers, nothing better than this customizable toblerone with the name or with the phrase you choose.In case you do not know the ingredients of this chocolate, it is made with milk, chocolate, honey, almonds and nougat.If you are one of those who always triumphs with a box of chocolates, this will give the original touch to your gift.

You can buy it here for 9.95 euros.


Do you like beer?Well, don't think about it anymore, because surely this customizable jug loves.In addition, as a gift it is very practical.It has a 50cl capacity, twice that of a normal glass, and the engraving is performed with laser, so you can wash it and use it without fear that it will be erased.Of course, you choose what you want to put.

You can buy it here for 10.99 euros.


San Valentín 2022: la placa de Spotify personalizada y otros regalos personalizables para sorprender a tu pareja

To carry in the bag, on a trip, to store anything of cleaning or makeup...This bag is very practical and, in addition, unique, since you can put the name you want.Organic cotton in white and with a black tassel, you have two dimensions to choose from: 20 x 14 cm and 26 x 24 cm.A very practical gift and that being Valentine's Day you can fill with some other detail, such as chocolates.

You can buy it here for 19 euros.


You just have to send that special photo that you like so much to record it in a laser and make it a lamp.Wood support can also be customized with names and a date or with any phrase.The base measures 30 x 6 x 2.5cm and the glass: 17.6 x 23 cm.The firm behind this great idea is digital creative and from Amazon you can take a look at other proposals.

You can buy it here for 50.99 euros.

Spotify plate

We love this gift for two reasons: it is very original and the price is a bar.This is a photo with music.You choose if you want the image in wood or metacrylate (the base will always be made of wood), you add the photo you want, the text you want to come out and the code and the title of the song you want.To know the code you have to enter Spotify and give it to share/copy the song link.If you have any questions, the brand offers to solve it and help you in the purchase process.

You can buy it here for 16.30 euros.


Equally fun as socks.In these underpants you can also put the photo you choose, you just have to upload it and the creative team is responsible for the printing in the garment.They will place the face in a repeated pattern, so it is not necessary to load several images.

Do not worry about quality: they are made in high quality, breathable and light polyester.They can be washed perfectly in the washing machine.You can choose different color combination.From a black classic to a strident green.

You can buy it here for 13.99 euros.


The typical snowball that many collect, but this time with the photo that you choose and with a rain of hearts.Made of high transparency and resistance plexiglals, its base is metacrylate.You can put two photos, one on each side.Perfect to celebrate Valentine's Day and, in addition, with a very economical price if what you are looking for is a small detail.

You can buy it here for 13.95 euros.

Recorded glasses

For a birthday, celebrate an anniversary or Valentine.This two personalized wine pack is perfect to surprise your partner and something you will use at each special dinner.Includes a gift case.You can put the names and a date, a phrase...You choose.

You can buy it here for 39 euros.


You can't take money in any way.And what better way than with a portfolio with the photo of the people you love most.You can also add a phrase or dedication on the other side.A great option for Valentine's Day, for Father's Day or as a birthday gift.

You can buy it here for 20.99 euros.

Keychain with date

If you are going to move with your partner or want to change your keychain because it has a disgust or because it is from the corner fishing store and you do not like it, this is a great option to be surprised by Valentine's Day.In addition, it is a 2x1, because you can put the date of your anniversary so that you never forget.The keychain is made of high quality stainless steel.You can also put your names.You can choose it in silver or black.

You can buy it here for 17.99 euros.

Masterchef apron

If your partner likes the kitchen and gastronomic competitions you can give you this Masterchef apron, customizable with its embroidery name embroidered.Black and pocket on the chest.In the comments it is said that it is perfect for an adult person and that the fabric is of good quality.

Buy it here for 14.95 euros.

Customizable cushion

Your first date, the last trip you have made...Surely you have immortalized all those moments with a multitude of photos.If you want those memories to be always present, you can stamp them on this totally personalized cushion.You just have to look for the best photos and the manufacturer is responsible for giving it the appropriate measures.

The cushion has dimensions of 40 x 40 cm and includes the filling.

Buy it here for 16.90 euros.

Personalized socks

Your face, your pet's, your children...With these custom socks your partner can always keep you present.Acts of polyester and cotton, they are unique and long to half calf.

"The best gift of all! It will not be the most expensive or the greatest of gifts, but it is the funniest detail of Christmas.I bought it for my partner and for my sister with the photos of our puppies.The two delighted in this fun and curious detail!The perfect shipping and the design has been better than I expected.A success, "says one of the comments.

Buy them here for 19.99 euros.

Personalized ring

There is no prettier detail for Valentine's Day than to give away a ring with the two intertwined names.It is stainless steel with silver or gold finish and, in addition to the name, you can add a date or a symbol.

"Happy! It's very nice.The engraving is discreet and I like.I am very happy with the purchase, I will always take it with me.Unbeatable price, "says one of the comments.

You can buy it here for 19.99 euros.

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