The curious story of 'Saddle Bag', the preferred bag of the influencers of the moment

Kylie Jenner has one, Eiza González too and surely your favorite influencer also has his own.We are talking about the Saddle Bag, a quoted dior bag that is everywhere on Instagram.

How much does a Saddle Bag cost?Who designed her?We will clarify all those doubts below.

Who created the Saddle Bag of Dior?

Although his greatest moment splendor was in the early two thousands, the Saddle Bag, remains one of the icons of the Christian Dior house.

It was created at the end of the '90s by John Galliano, who was one of Dior's most famous creative directors.

Galliano transformed the Saddle Bag into one of the brand's icons.Soon he appeared on Carrie Bradshaw's arm, the legendary character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and The City.

Photography: Instagram @Everyoutfitonsatc

And then, he would be in the famous arms of that time as Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie.

Photography: Instagram @parishiltonForever

La curiosa historia del 'Saddle Bag', el bolso preferido de las influencers del momento

Its shape, inspired by a sight.

In addition, the letters "C" and "D" that worship the handle of the bag, make it an object of immediate desire.

However, like everything, the years passed and Saddle Bag was in the trunk of memories.

How much does the Saddle Bag of Dior cost?

As we have told you before, many of the luxury bags are customizable to customer tastes.So depending on its characteristics, it will be the price.

However, the initial price of the Saddle Bag goes from the 30 thousand Mexican pesos, although that is the cost of vintage bags.

A Saddle Bag New Rounds 60 thousand Mexican pesos.This new version is completely customizable.

The current creative director of Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri, revived this bag in 2018 with much more bohemian and organic prints, unlike those raised by Galliano at the beginning of the century.

Let's not forget that John Galliano directed Dior towards a much more pop, neon and urban image.

On the other hand, Grazia Chiuri seeks these bags look much more demure, but, at the same time, individual, since he invites buyers to print their initials in the bag, in addition to choosing the bag of the bag to your liking, according to aInterview for Vogue.

What is the most exclusive print of the Saddle Bag

Although all original Saddle Bag, those signed by Gallian.

Dior to 2004, as part of Dior's "Rasta" collection, this bag is stamped in the traditional French firm monogram, but also has stripes in green, yellow and red colors.

These colors represent the Rastafari movement, a spiritual movement of Jamaican.

Photography: screen capture

Although this collection is currently seen as an example of cultural appropriation, it is still appreciated by bag collectors.

According to Far Fetch site, one of these accessories costs 125,979 Mexican pesos.

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