Telva Where to buy second-hand brand bags: the best online stores

Fashion accessoriesLuxury re-commerce gains followers. Here is a list of addresses to get one of its most coveted pieces: handbags from brands like Dior or Chanel, at prices that are worth it.Updated

Buying a luxury bag is an investment. This statement, far from being an anti-guilt thought, is backed by studies that confirm the growing revaluation of signature accessories. An example: according to an analysis of the second-hand luxury portal Baghunter, the classic 2.55 by Chanel has increased in value by 70% in five years. If one of your desires is to have a branded bag, re-commerce, the name that second-hand sales websites have adopted, is a whole box of treasures circulating on the net, you just have to know how to search. We teach you, with a guarantee of authenticity and at the best price.

From coveted vintage models, to iconic movie or TV series designs (what Sex and the City fan doesn't remember Carrie Bradshaw and her colorful Fendi Baguettes). For fashion devotees it is (almost) impossible not to have an aspirational bag in mind. Why not buy it second hand? Pros: 1. You will be able to get hold of a design that is no longer available in stores, and exclusivity is always in your favour. 2. Sustainability is the future, and breathing new life into clothes and accessories is part of it. 3. The price is much lower than the premiere price, but the quality and design are still there (and will continue). Cons: 1. The cost is still high but... this is when we return to the reasoning of the investment.

With the balance clearly on the side of the pros, we select the best websites for buying and selling brand bags. Point or, better, start typing because in some the models last seconds. It is not a saying: 17 took to take the last Hermés Birkin that arrived at the famous Vestiare Collective second-hand platform.


The most desired brands - Versace, Gucci, Carolina Herrera...- are for sale in this second-hand e-commerce that, with a very careful design, makes it a pleasure to browse its website in which vintage pieces are mixed with other of last seasons. Celebrities like Kate Moss have put part of her wardrobe up for sale here. Some of the items for sale are brand new and both the garments and the bags are guaranteed to be in good condition and authentic.


Another of our favorite online stores to buy second-hand brands is Rebelle. With more than 150,000 articles - among which are the most desired bags - that are renewed daily, this portal has become one of the most visited. The coolest street style girls like Erika Boldrin or Amanda Tol go to it. Among its offer, the impressive collection of Chanel bags stands out, with the most emblematic models at a much lower price than the premiere. Don't miss their sales section either, where there are real bargains all year round.


All its products come with a certificate of authenticity and for years it has had a website in Spanish. Bags, some at impressive discounts, from Louis Vuitton, Prada and Chanel are the most coveted on this successful luxury shopping platform. As a requirement to enter its universe and buy or sell, you must register by creating a user account.


From Dior's Saddle, an indelible memory of the Galliano era, to contemporary top sellers such as the latest Jacquemus minibags. The most sought after bags, whether you are nostalgic or insider, are on this website. You can also get more accessible designs from brands like Sandro or Zadig & Voltaire.


In its commitment to a circular model and, therefore, less polluting, this e-commerce where you will find authentic jewelery has been one of the pioneers in selling second-hand luxury. Register and start enjoying your bags, you will want to hang more than one on your shoulder.

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