Sally Rooney returns with 'Where are you, World Bello', her most anticipated novel

Sally Rooney returns with 'Where are you, World Bello', her most anticipated novel

This issue was published in the September number 2021 of Vogue Spain

An afternoon of the beginning of summer three years ago, in the London neighborhood of Bloomsbury, Sally Rooney (then with 27 years) and I sat in the splendid Faber offices, its British editorial, to talk about its second novel, then topoint to be published.Suópera Prima, conversations between friends (the history of two university students of literature and the adultere relationship of one of them with a married man), had a year published a year and Rooney already surrounded her an aura of author of cult of cult of cult of cult.It was presented to the world as the salinger of Snapchat's generation ("I remember thinking, at that time: 'What is Snapchat?'" He recalls now, with an leave of guilt) and the expectation around his second novel reached his pointalgid.

We advance to 2021 and that second novel, normal people, a history of the millennial era on the strip and loosenAll types of audiences, from Barack Obama to Taylor Swift, and has been translated into 46 languages.The subsequent television adaptation by the BBC has reproduced more than 62 million times and made it famous overnight to its two protagonists, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal, which at that time were newly arrived and thatOf course they worship her."I want to consume everything Sally Rooney does from now on!" Says Edgar-Jones from the filming of his last film, set in New Orleans."It is adorable and incredibly intelligent," he expands.Joe Alwyn, the British actor who will star."Sally's mind is simply brilliant," he says.“Test our limits on the way we love, how we are able to love and function within the structures that have been instilled in us...But he refuses to leave things well tied or offer us definitive solutions.I love that".

Sally Rooney vuelve con 'Dónde estás, mundo bello', su novela más esperada

It goes without saying that, if the readers were already dying to leave normal people, they are now anxious with the arrival of where you are, world beautiful, the latest of the Irish, who arrives at Libraries this month.But that afternoon three years ago, when I still didn't know what was coming, Rooney felt "insecure".In fact, I thought I would not be able to write another book."I said that?" He exclaims today, with his cheerful accent from May County sounding a higher eighth.How long did that uncertainty last?"About three months," he says, laughing.