Ryanair reports its first benefits from before pandemic

However, a weaker travel environment in the first quarter (from April to June), the first semester of the year ended with a net loss of 47.6 million euros, compared to the losses of 410.5 million euros of thesame semester of the previous year.

In the six months, the largest low cost in Europe, transported 39.1 million passengers, 54% less than in the same period of 2019, although an increase of 128% over the 17.1 million passengers registered inThe same semester of 2020.

Ryanir's financial director, Neil Sorahan, told Morning Ireland that the group is already experiencing a recovery of the pandemic and, seeing that 128% increase in the traffic of the first half of the year, they have increased their traffic goalAll year to more than 100 million passengers."Next year we anticipate that we will see a rebound in growth, where we will grow to 165 million customers, which is exceeding 149 million prior to Covid.So yes, I think the recovery is underway, "he added.

Income for the six -month period increased 83% to 2.150 million euros from 1.180 million euros, while Ryanair's operational costs increased 63% to 2.200 million euros from 1.350 million euros in 2020.

Ryanair reporta sus primeros beneficios desde antes de la pandemia

During the six -month period, Ryanair said that his average rate was only 33 euros, 30% less than in the same period last year.

Sorahan stressed that “fuel costs increase year after year, although the airline is in a better position than its competition, since it has a 70% coverage in the fuel cost balance for this financial year… we are covered in an 80% for the summer of 2022, which is the peak period of the year, and in 60% for winter.


In recent weeks, Ryanair has received an increase in reservations for mid-October holidays and Christmas holiday.

Looking ahead, the group's CEO said the prospects for prices and yields for winter will be challenging.“Since the reservations curve is still very close, traffic recovery will require continuous price stimulation.This, together with the increase in the costs of the small balance not covered with our fuel needs, means that the vision for the rest of fiscal year 22 is very limited, "O'Leary said.

Exclusion of the bag

Ryanair also said that he is considering excluding himself from the London Stock Exchange due to a fall in negotiation volumes this year after the voting rights of British shareholders were restricted after Brexit.

Ryanair announced in 2020 that the citizens of the United Kingdom, like all other citizens from outside the EU, would no longer be allowed to acquire ordinary shares from January 2021.

The measure was taken to ensure that the airline remains the majority property of the EU and retains all license and flight rights in the block now that Great Britain has abandoned the European Union