Progressive luxury: this is what really means that LVMH Buy Off-White

Progressive luxury: this is what really means that LVMH Buy Off-White

What this agreement means for practical purposes today is that LVMH has bought the ticket you need to travel from "luxury" to "progressive luxury", and seen the change of values that are in all areas of society in societyWhat goes from decade, the value of this transition could be incalculable.When the final product you offer is equality, openness and opportunities, the great enigma of luxury is clearly resolved: how to make the exclusive inclusive.

A last question would be in the air: What does this agreement for Virgil Obloh mean?Only he has the complete answer, but there are certain things that we can consider.First, the treatment itself does not raise any risk, since, unlike Romeo Gigli, Christian Lacroix and even John Galliano, Obloh has not sold the rights over his name, but his commercial brand.No one can force him to divorce his identity as a designer.

In addition to being low risk, the agreement offers a potentially huge reward, and not only financial.In an interview that recently granted L'Oomo Vogue, Obloh declared: “It worked according to my own rules, with my own logic, and I am not afraid...My goal is to progress ... because you know, everything niche becomes face culture...We are creating a global community beyond elitism or that territoriality that sometimes occurs in subcultures ".The agreement with LVMH allows you to continue chasing that key objective of its design and develop it in areas that were previously out of reach, so we imagine how happy it must be.However, I suspect it does not feel it (nor need to feel it) as a consecration.It is enough to remember the first job of Obloh in LVMH - as a fellow in Fendi in 2009, with Kanye West of partner - to verify how far he has already arrived in his career, and by absolutely own merits.

Lujo progresista: esto es lo que realmente significa que LVMH compre Off-White

The height of elegance would be that Burke and LVMH had paid Obloh in actions, since that would make him a shareholder as important in LVMH as LVMH is in his brand.That would seem to us "the right amount".