Parfois creates for 24 euros a replica of the favorite dior bag of all celebrities

Parfois creates for 24 euros a replica of the favorite dior bag of all celebrities

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Thanks to Parfois we can now acquire in Low-Cost version the Dior bag of almost 3.000 euros that all celebrities have.And for less than 24 euros!


When something works, everyone wants to copy it and this is the perfect example of it.The best known It Girls of the moment showed their enormous love to the most elegant and functional bag of Dior and now Parfois wanted to inspire (and much) in the design of the French house to create a very similar model but at a much lower price.And if Dior Bobby costs, nothing more and nothing less than 2.900 euros in medium size;The Low Cost version of Parafois does not exceed 24 euros (it is priced at € 23.99).

Dior Bobby vs. Parfois, dos modelos muy similares a precios muy diferentes

Dior family's piece presents an elegant curved shape, as if it were a crescent and presents the brand logo as a golden detail in the front.In addition, in the back, the direction of the Maison 30 Montaigne appears, subtly evoking the emblematic bag that bears the same name.Available in three sizes (small, medium and large) and, for now, in four colors (in black, white, camel and in blue jacquard), Dior Bobby can be carried in hand, hanging from the shoulder or crossed thanks to itsgreat removable handles, which make it the perfect bandit.

For its part, the designed (or plagiarized) version of Parfois does not present many differences.Available in two models (in black and in Cámel), the bag has the same form as a crooin as the original and a metal flap of imam with buckle.Of course, as it is obvious this design does not present any logo nor is it made in leather.Two differences that are nothing compared to the many similarities.What do you think of you?

Parfois crea por 24 euros una réplica del bolso de Dior favorito de todas las famosas


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The influencer has the most summer version of all, the model of navy blue jacquard and beige with the firm's logo and its mythical rooster patter.


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Hiba Abouk

The actress, who enjoyed her first summer with her son, posted several times with a Cámel model.


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Chiara Ferragni

The Italian model was one of the first to get this wonderful bag.In black and with a bandit embroidered with the reason Dior Oblique Azul, it is one of what they are triumphing most.


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Danna Paola

The elite actress and Mexican singer transported to the most idyllic paradise by the hand of her bag.

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Dior bobby median in black color, 2.€ 900

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Standing bag with black buckle closure from Parfois, € 23.99

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Dior Bobby Median in Cámel Color, 2.€ 900

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Bag bag with buckle closure in Cámel de Parfois, € 23.99

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