Paperbag Waist: five reasons why you should have pants like this

Paperbag Waist: five reasons why you should have pants like this

New basics in your wardrobe You have seen them, they catch your attention and we tell you why you should give them a very serious opportunity.

By Eduardo Lemon

Men's trousers have remained technically unchanged throughout their history. If anything certain changes and modifications in the height of adjustment, the pliers or length of the legs; but from then on, we continue to wear the same dress pants forever. However, with the success shown by the silhouettes inspired by the 70s, along with a triumphant return of the tailored pants at the waist and the fatigue in front of the slim legs, today we have a quite striking version to which to put our eyes on top

We are talking about pants that in the female wardrobe —because we continue to debate between the gender division— is known as Paperbag Waist. What is this, you may be wondering. What do we mean by such a concept? Well. We are about to explain it to you.

What are paperbag waist pants

To begin with, they are called that for obvious reasons: the height and cut of the waist in these pants, accompanied by a belt added to the same model, makes the tight closure of this structure resemble a tied paper bag.

Making a direct analogy with this article that we use for the supermarket and other errands, said pants take on a peculiar shape; as if we took a paper bag with something inside to close it at the top, leaving some extra paper to crumple "uncontrollably". For you to understand it better: imagine a bottle of wine, for example. Additionally, paperbag waist pants often come with a belt or cummerbund to create this effect, although they may also not.

Paperbag Waist: cinco razones por las que debes tener un pantalón así

Something interesting today, in terms of use and inspiration, is that large international design and luxury brands have added this type of pants to men's clothing —with some variations— to obtain more relaxed and purposeful structures during the 2020s. , designers in Mexico and Latin America have a somewhat closer reading of our original culture, inspired by clothing and textile works that require ties, knots or juxtapositions.

Whatever style you prefer, we leave you here 5 reasons to give them a good chance as soon as possible. Do not limit yourself and stop wearing common pants.

mark the waist

No matter your complexion, a paperbag pants will always make your waist the axis of your entire look and will make you look much more stylized than with jeans, for example. To increase this effect even more, add a bomber jacket that fits perfectly on your shoulders and mid-torso. Remember a basic rule with this type of jacket: everything is fit.

makes you look more interesting

It is not the same to arrive at an event with the typical dress pants than to walk through the door with a design that will move everyone's floor. Of course, consider that this model is totally informal; at most, we could say that for casual engagements and certain parties abroad. Combine these pants with one of the five formal shirts that every man must have and you will touch the success.

It goes with all shoes

It doesn't matter where you go. You can combine it with sneakers, loafers, boots, sandals, huaraches, ankle boots, espadrilles and endless more. We are talking about versatile pants that, yes, have a lot of personality on their own, but they don't grab all the attention and lend themselves to multiple combinations. Especially when we're talking about the basics of GQ men's footwear.

It's very comfortable

Generally, this model is characterized by having wide legs and a somewhat loose fit. Which makes them a more than comfortable and very convenient choice for work days at home or commitments that do not deserve to be so "tight".

They always make you look very neat

Since we're talking about an unusual piece among men's pants, most people will not only perceive you as an interesting guy—point number two, above—but they'll also think you spent years grooming yourself or choosing what to wear. They will get the impression that your wardrobe is a fantastical land where pieces like this coexist every day, and that you are very naturally used to making great style choices every morning. And yes, friend. As soon as you have these pants, that will be your way.