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Colombian businessman Mario Hernández


Natalia Behaine / Bocas Magazine


Natalia Behaine / Bocas Magazine

Una entrevista con el creador de M&H, una de las marcas colombianas más conocidas en el exterior.



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Colombian entrepreneurs

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21 de marzo 2018, 12:07 P. M.CGCATALINA GALLO21 de marzo 2018, 12:07 P. M.

Everyone can call Mario Hernández and he answers.Its extension in the Moroccan company S.A., in Bogotá, is 105.This is announced in the switch recording: “I am Mario Hernández, my motto is‘ Life is an opportunity ’.If you have any suggestion or complaint you can communicate with me directly ”.

Mario Hernández is in everything.It could almost be said that each of the 150.000 bags, 10.000 Jackets or 50.000 shoes that sell a year in its 60 stores in Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, Aruba and Moscow, have passed through their hands and eyes.Every day he enters his factory through the plant, where he has come to have 600 employees, he continues by design where he says: “Do this like this.Put here.I do not like that.You have to shrink it.You have to enlarge it ".Then he reaches his desk where he has hot tea and water that he himself serves, because "in life you have to smear," he says.Is identified with Steve Jobs for his perfection and stubbornness.“If I weren't stubborn, we wouldn't have what we have.I want this like that, I say.Or go and mount your factory, daddy! ".With the same security defines the collection that you will launch and that is exhibited in a room.Defines the design of the showcases where it is going to be sold, of which you have a sample next to the collection.Define until the food you prepare in your cooking classes every Thursday.He goes from store in store looking for what he needs, such as when he travels to China once a year and chooses the best, because, he says, "there are qualities".It does everything, like when he had the corner store in Bogotá, in race 15 with 98 street, where he loaded the flour and got to make the bread."Without grief," he clarifies.He likes certain English brands of tradition, does not wear clothes that have displayed names.Choose the materials very well, fit aid frequent.And every time he attends at least because, he says, that's not about life.He was born in Capitanejo (Santander), arrived in Bogotá around 1950, when he was eight years old.Next to fulfill 75, happily married, with three children of two marriages, it does gymnastics three times a week and their medical exams are perfect.He says it is a little crazy because he is the only one in America that is taking a brand like the European.He is happy because life has given him everything and because he doesn't care about material things.They recognize him a lot in the street and he doesn't bother him, “because I am aware: if I put the name, the asshole is me.What I complain ".Is the front of everything in the business.Pues claro, ¿qué hago desocupado?Sus dos hijos mayores trabajaron aquí. ¿Por qué se fueron?Porque creo que este negocio no es para ellos.They are better raised than me.Mario is from the Andes, it is from that English school, the Colombian Anglo, was in the London School of Economics, has an MBA in Columbia, New York, is a corporate type and here choosing leather, that is not.My daughter is an industrial engineer, she speaks five languages, she has an MBA in a luxury product in France.Mario drives the holding and is in directors.¿Es cierto que cuando usted llegó a París por primera vez dijo que era igual a Capitanejo, Santander, donde nació?Y sigo pensando lo mismo.Sena is called Chicamocha, Notre Dame is the Church of the People.Entrecot is roasted meat and french fries.The same pod.Life is the same: people, buildings and the same different prepared meal.He once said that half a town of Capitanejo was half his brother.Yes, because Dad's first marriage was when he was 60 years old with a mother of 23, so what do he want? Before he was only the old man and he was not from the other team...He was an old man from a family of ancestors from Santander, a politician, a very dear old man.And he was appointed Liberal Mayor of Capitanejo.¿Fue su mamá la que lo sacó para Bogotá?Fue ella.A very advanced old woman, you know, an old warty, with good ideas.Today I admire her a lot, he died four years ago 95.It was an old "pa’lante".We partially fleeing violence.In a truck with some mattres.I was seven years old.We arrive at Fourth Street with a ninth race, I remember.Dad bought some trucks, he was a very Meteron old man.He brought his money to start.Well, he brought little, but bought his trucks, he also bought there on 100th Street, where he was Cafam, there sowed potato, and had a brick above July 20, in San Cristóbal.He was a businessman too.Oh yeah!He was a super -predatory man.Then we live in the University City.There his dad set up a cigarries.I even see the house still.I remember that.I was drawn up, I took money and went down the 26th street to the 13.I also bought comics and rented them.Yes.Then we went to live on 21st and fifth career.Dad and mom invented the American life system, today's loft, then they rented pieces for families and one lived in a dining room and bedroom piece, everything there.I went to study at Santiago Pérez College, I listed a flag every Saturday and they made me the great evil of spending to the primary room, so I never understood trigonometry or algebra or anything, but what I did learn in the second of primary school, which sorry that todayIn the day there is, it is the urbanity of Carreño, civic education.¿Eso fue importante para usted?Es lo único que aprendí.The multiplication tables, I know them all.I do not use calculator or anything.¿Nunca?Nunca, y la reunión con mis ejecutivos es sin computadores.¿Por qué?Porque la gente no piensa.I need creatives.I don't need to give me reports and figures.I already know that.I was now telling the heads of product to know what will be used.The Kodak broke for that.To select the twelve of the Board of Directors, they chose between 1.500 people from the United States, and had the digital camera and those of the Board said no, because they do not leave and do not spread.You talk a lot about having to smear.It is that you have to spread, if one does not spread, it does not learn and does not enjoy anything.¿Y qué es untarse?Es meterse desde el comienzo.Your dad died when you were ten years old.Mom, a verra, I didn't know how to do anything.It was tamales.You went to sell them.Yes, luego vivimos donde queda el Banco de Bogotá, en la calle 14 con carrera 12, una casa inmensa.It was a tenant and I helped.There was a lady who made feasts, so I was in my spare time and made feasts and paid me;There was another one who made lead soldiers, I helped him.I remember that I worked on a thing of those who throw the iron and get red, here in the Samper Mendoza.Once I uploaded the price of the tamales, 5 or 10 cents, because I had climbed everything, and what I wanted was to buy a sterbrook stylographer.¿Y lo compró?Pues claro que me lo compré.And he arrived at one of those tenants, on 25th street where Dad died, a lady, Emma Suárez, from Zipaquirá, Chusca la Vieja, emptied also, learned manicure, stretched her, very pretty, and got me put in Hermega, a factoryof dresses in race 9 # 15-21, and there I entered a messenger at fourteen years.Had stopped studying.There I studied night again, but when I was 15 or 16 years old I got a noviecita in the coffee right away, the coffees of that time were twenty divine women, with skirt and everything, and I got the most beautiful, one with green eyes,19 years old, divine the old woman, and I discover the world.Then I went to live with the old.He slept with her day, we bathed in the laundry room in a tenag.I last about two years playing billiards.¿Y de dónde sacaba la plata?Jugando billar, apostando.One day I got out of the tenant and said I don't come back, I'm going to finish coffee garitero.I cried for the old woman.I didn't come back.I asked for again.I went to Hermega distributors, I was a seller and worked until the age of 21.I helped the children of Hermega, the widow too.Look what life is like.She gave me money when I set up the corner store in the 15th with 98.¿Y cómo fue la historia de Cuerolandia y Marroquinera?A los 21 años renuncié, ya no vivíamos en inquilinato, vivíamos en la avenida 22 # 18- 62, en el barrio Santa Fe, en un apartamento de tres alcobas y todo.I proposed to the Head of Leases of Soto Pombo, where I took the apartment, that we set up a root farm office, Hernández and Mayorga.The furniture is bought at Camacho Roldán.When you enter here you see my first desk.Fious.I had my root farm office with 50 employees, but I never liked the business, it seemed bored.They charge everything.I'm not able, I paid many people for the rent.Living with the hunger of others, I am not able to that.¿Y después?Seguí con mi oficina de finca raíz, nos fuimos a la Soledad, un apartamento al lado del teatro Almirante.A neighbor told me."I'm sick, I'm going to Cúcuta," and I had set up a leather only warehouse on 19 # 4-90 street.I told him that I had no money.He told me: "I trust you".And I told my brother, go, look at that warehouse, raise it and you go in the middle of now.I did not know the warehouse, I bought it that way and at six months we had already paid it and at two years we had eight stores in Croolandia.¿Por qué Cuerolandia?Porque le iba a poner La Esquina del Cuero o La Tienda del Cuero, una cosa de esas, pero yo me había ido para Estados Unidos a unas vacaciones a Miami y ya había otra tienda con un nombre parecido, entonces le puse Cuerolandia para usar las mismas letras.I already had the notice.And in front I mounted the leather corner.People told me why two stores of the same, and I said: "Because if they don't buy me on one side, they buy me in the other".But when I saw the locals I said: “The product I get.I have to have a factory to do what I want to do ”.There was this factory in Cali that was called Morochera, then I bought 40 % and paid him for the factory with the condition that came for Bogotá, as if it cost two and a half million pesos, there were ten machines that did not cost more than 500.000 pesos.I have always paid people more.Not the fell fall, I don't like it.He had a store in New York.In the year 92 I opened a warehouse in New York and I thought Colombia was, ignorance, the world's most verarac.I took coffee kills, everything was brown and black, I didn't know that there were stations, I took the era of the bag;However, I was like four years.¿No ganó plata?No, perdí.But it was the best investment.That was my MBA.I returned to Colombia with which the Morochera name did not pronounce.A friend recommended a firm from Spain, I arrived in Madrid and Carlos Carrión, a big man, who was Vice President of Marketing of Telefónica, gave me a marketing class throughout Madrid, what is a brand, how it is handled and said:"You handle a luxury brand and that is named after the founder".I arrived in Colombia, I said down the notices of Moroccineer and Croolandia and we put Mario Hernández.That was in 1995.No one wanted to buy me again.He lived in Boca Mouse, United States. ¿Se fue por seguridad?Me fui por un año y me quedé nueve.They have never threatened me, anything has never happened to me, I have always been very prevented, not giving papaya, not I am slacking or showing things.Do not take away people, but rather give it.Do not talk bad about people.Is that this is life.Ha dicho que el hambre ha sido…El hambre es muy importante.If there is no hunger, they do not value.We went to Boyacá, in Villa de Leyva and it seemed like a verraquera.From there we went to Tibasosa to a boutique hotel, impressive.I also went to Nobsa, where I bought some ruanas that I am going to sell them at the airport warehouse, and some blankets, because I want to sell ours.I chose them.Ah, no!, Because I look at everything.And then we came to Paipa.I had never been there, I had been in Hungary in the Turkish baths, which are full, instead everything is spectacular: food, service, everything we have and we don't value it.You do not speak English. ¿Quién le ayuda en los negocios cuando viaja?Yo miro y con el dedo, y para eso hay intérpretes.One with the finger like that, so do the Chinese and so did Marco Polo and so everyone did, that's not a problem.I opened a warehouse in the mouse mouse of Mario Hernández, that was a very good experience.A place between Saks and Tiffany, made.But it turns out that people didn't pass by.Saks clients entered on the outside, because everyone arrived in Valet Parking.And yet I did a very good task and then Julio Sánchez and all here, all who decreasing, Between Sacks and Tifanny, advertising was very good.That was the other MBA I did.But the local lease was expired.And since I have no star but satellite, the United States began to fall in 2008 and I took advantage and came for Colombia.And look what life is like.It gives my lady a multiple melanoma, they had to make a marrow transplant.You have to thank you to be born and leaves wake.And you collect what you sow.¿Y usted qué ha sembrado?Creo que he sembrado familia, creo que he sembrado ejemplo, creo que he generado empleo, creo que he pagado impuestos, he aportado a la comunidad.I was president of the guild almost twenty years.He has been a member of many board of directors.Yes, he ayudado en todo.I was in crafts from Colombia and retired now.To go to sit with the first lady and with the minister ... if there is no execution, if there are no results, one cannot lend your name for that.What happens to reficate and with all these important ones, that they boast because they are in together.Where are the results.¿Y se ha retirado de muchas?Ujm.¿De cuáles por ejemplo?Con unos amigos traje Bally de Suiza, tres fábricas en Cali, era de que fuéramos los número uno en Colombia, pero ellos de otra mentalidad.Then I sold them to what they wanted to pay me and chao.I made Bally here at the office, accessories, I'm raised by Bally, I last 12 years going to Bally.Look what life is like, cuando mi hija María Fernanda estaba por ahí en cuarto o tercero de primaria, le dije: “Si no te tiras ningún año, te mando a Suiza a un colegio”.I didn't even know where Switzerland was or anything.When María Fernanda finished at 18, I was with Bally and Bally's vice president looked for me school for María Fernanda.¿Viaja en primera clase?En ejecutiva.In First I have traveled only three times.Here the first -class aircraft do not arrive.But that the Colombian screens say that it is first.That is not first.First he was traveling when he bought tickets in Venezuela.There are only eight, ten chairs in the front row, the commander comes out, he greets you, they serve you as a prince, they entail one, they put payama, all those fucking.But because the tickets were cheap, if not, no.Executive class for me is enough.And if it's more than six hours.Yes No No.It goes to China a lot.No, once a year, I stay a month.Because I was in the year ninety -one to sell to China when I was president of the guild, we were six, we arrived at Hong Kong and I said: "This is not to sell, this is to buy".The suitcases we were here were without the cart.The Chinese took the cart and stick it to the suitcases.I was the first one that started like this.And there was a girl in front of the stand, and I said: "You are going to work with me one day".He has been working with me for almost twenty years.Is my person in Hong Kong.He gets everything.¿Qué más compra en Hong Kong?Sedas.I make luggage there, I do in other materials that is not leather, nylon, the canvases for the suitcases, the luggage I do there, I bring it with my brand, we work there, my buyers are there, we arrive there, we make designs, we choose, we apply ouridentity.They have falsified it. Usted se puso una vez muy contento ¿por qué es eso?Eso me parece buenísimo, porque no copian a los malos.Bring Italy leather, exclusive to you.Yes, y tengo una niña que trabajó con Louis Vuitton, que trabaja con las curtiembres desde el desarrollo de la materia prima.I am the only madman in America who is trying to build a brand like the European.Because this is crazy, all the raw material must be developed in the world, because there is no labor here, there is no labor.¿Ya cerró las tiendas en Venezuela?¡No! Si eso es negocio.I have 16 stores, I have to do what they are for.I carry cheap product, what people can buy.And I don't close them and I hope to see what happens, and it's a great business.My God gave us everything, we don't think.There are30 million Venezuelans, better prepared than Colombians, with pleasure, consumers, we.Look to see what black wants.How much does a cow weigh?Five hundred kilos.How much does the spine weigh?Five kilos.And the whole cow eats.He once commented that his son, unlike his, has had everything.Now that we were in Boyacá, he asked for a large and a large second -course entrance dish and left more than half, he was driving the money, and that should not be so, then I said: “Look, when we did not have,We had to eat everything ".There was no more.And yesterday he bought hamburgers and left the fried potatoes.3.700 pesos. “Joven, estás botando3.700 pesos ". Le di3.000 y piquito a la señora que cuidó el carro, si en vez de3.500, I give it 7.000 to La Viejita, it is not for me to take the money, it reaches it more, with that they eat one day.Do not boot the money, help people.I am unable to go buy me a supercosous car, with that I give people houses.¿Cómo es lo de las casas de sus empleados?Hice un convenio con Colsubsidio hace como seis o siete años.They get the government subsidy and give them a part too and they put another part.Then they stay with a mortgage of 100.000 or 150.000 pesos per month.60 % of my people already have it, people who have been with me for more than five years, everyone has their home.¿Y lo de los mercados?Les damos treinta huevos, un kilo de lenteja, un kilo de garbanzo, un kilo de fríjol, arroz, papel higiénico.I had no hygienic paper, I had with the leaves ... then teach people, improve people's quality of life.¿Cómo son las becas?Hace diez años nos inventamos el premio Mario Hernández.Colombia cannot compete with quantity or cheap product.How can we compete?With differentiation, but we need university and design to be prepared, then we create the Mario Hernández scholarship, which is a summer scholarship in a European Design Institute.I hope that in a hundred years it is like the Nobel Prize.The scholarships are paid all.And we give a six -month practice position.Now he has French designers.But I want to change them, they don't have our sensitivity.Everything goes through my hands, materials and everything, and it has been a fight with the French who wanted to take off my butterflies, which are the icon.¿A quién se le ocurrieron las mariposas?A mí, me gusta la vida de las mariposas.When I brought them, they told me: "Oh! But we don't like it".And I said: “Are you going to buy all the production?No, then don't fuck, do it ".¿Dónde aprendió a jugar golf?Me “balotearon” en varios clubes.In Arrayanes a guy with whom I had a fight, Álvaro Pachón.Then with some friends we set up the Campestre de la Sabana club, I am one of the founders.Today in all clubs they receive me, in the country, in all, wherever I go.¿Y es socio de otro?Ahorita me hice socio del Carmel.I'm a member in Peñalisa.I started in La Sabana, I had golf professor, I have never learned, there game.Several recognitions have been won.Many, all that (and indicates the walls of your office full of framed papers).¿No le gusta? ¿Por qué lo dice así?Porque eso no es.One does not live on that.One has to be authentic, it is important to know that one has served for something, which has lent a function, one has to contribute something, improve its people, their country.FOLLOW IN ROOT FINCA.It has business.Ah, of course, before I managed, now they are mine.That is the difference.When we did there were so many people that I stayed with 12-13 %.Hayuelos is a very large company today.¿Qué tiene en Chía?Esa es otra sociedad.There we are going to make a 200 room Holiday Inn and a Convention Center.Speak a lot of God. ¿Va a misa y reza?A veces rezo, voy poquito a misa.Raves were in Bucaramanga and I saw the Blessed Sacrament, that's better than the Eiffel Tower, better than the statue of freedom, people are laughing when I say that, in the Eiffiel tower they have nowhere to go to the bathroom.You go up to the Blessed Sacrament, you have the cable car, you can climb by car or you can climb on foot, you have very good coffee shops, it has great bathrooms and present shows.And I found out who the artist was and I just bought the only copy of the Blessed Sacrament, I will put it in my house in Yerbabuena and I will put a sign in thanks to my parents, my family, my children, to my children, to my children, to my children, to my children, to my children, to my children, to my children, to my childrenMy friends and my country, and the day I die, if my heirs do not want to have it, they donate to a museum.Nice piece.Admire Bolívar.I also like this Pope's speech, and I think so, I'm not a slave to things. La misma soledad sientes en un apartamento de300 metros que de30 metros, es lo más cierto.Do not buy things that you do not need, because you will have to sell the ones you need to pay the ones you do not need, and people are happy, fortunately, or if not, who I sell to.¿Cuál ha sido su mayor riesgo?Pues como yo salí de la nada…¿Por qué cree que tiene éxito?¿Yo? Yo no creo que tenga éxito, estoy trabajando.Catalina Gallofotography Natalia Behainerevista Bocasedition 51 - April 2016

21 de marzo 2018, 12:07 P. M.CGCATALINA GALLO21 de marzo 2018, 12:07 P. M.Relacionados:


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