Kate Middleton has 7 perfect looks for summer: inspire yourself for this season

Kate Middleton has 7 perfect looks for summer: inspire yourself for this season
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Since Kate Middleton was seen as Prince William's girlfriend, he proved to have a good taste for fashion.This led her to be considered one of the most important figures in terms of clothing trends, which is still in force.

He has carried an endless garments and with the arrival of summer, we choose his best looks so you can inspire and adapt them to your style.Everyone has their particular seal!

Simple but effective

There are times that Kate does not waste time to think about what to wear and guide for basic garments that together make a worthy outfit for heat days.The curious thing to mix tennis with more formal pants and a blouse without print, is that it works for all types of occasions, whether serious or fun meetings.Obviously don't forget to wear your sunglasses!

Florerated dresses cannot be missing

Either for spring or summer, flowers should not be missing in the closet of any girl.You can play with the length of the garment depending on your liking.If you have only used dresses down the knee, dare to change to wear your legs.

There are millions of prints and cuts, so it is a safe option that you can accompany with medium or high heel shoes.

Don't forget sports looks

Kate Middleton tiene 7 looks perfectos para el verano: inspírate para esta temporada

Sweatshirts and sports shoes are ideal if you should attend an open place.His comfort will make you careless for high temperatures and you can be under the sun for a long time.

It is not a rule to put pants, opt for color denim pants like kate.

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Rainy day?He carries a bag

There are occasions where the weather becomes a bit unpredictable.At one time it can be very hot and the rain comes in a short time.

Kate taught us that the bags are not only for the office.If you want to leave a weekend with something different, try a sack, but that is of a fun and not so serious color.Have you seen how combine perfect with tennis?

Clear tones

At the moment it is better to say 'goodbye' to dark tones such as black, brown or gray.If you want to stand out with your look, choose colors that go with the season like blue, pink, yellow, green, purple and all its variants in pastel tones.

For example, here Kate behaved a simple and elegant dress that combined only with a discreet bracelet and a handbag.Looks great!

The white color will help heat

Not many people dare to dress completely white;However, it is a good idea for summer because it helps you mitigate the feeling of burning in the skin.

As a advice, he experiences with fabrics that are not cotton, there are many other lighter and breathable that will make you feel light and comfortable.

The Olanes go with the season

There are many garments with waves, whether dresses, shirts, or skirts;These small details give an air to the outfits.In this season of high temperatures, there is nothing better than wearing a dress with waves to highlight your figure and look fresh regardless of what heat is doing.

Which of all is your favorite?Dinos in the comments.

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