Invest in fashion: these are the bag, the most profitable firm and color

Fashion experts know that a luxury item is as commendable and sensible an investment as many others. The clearest example are iconic bags such as the 2.55 from Chanel or the Birkin from Hermès, whose value increases year after year. However, they are not the only firms nor the only items whose current prices are multiplied compared to the original.

With the rise of streetwear, there are many sports brands whose shoes or bags turn out to have a much higher return on investment than more established luxury brands.

This is confirmed by a recent study carried out by Money, one of the most famous financial product price comparison websites in the United Kingdom that has analyzed StockX prices. We tell you what are the fashion items to invest in in 2021:

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The most profitable bags of the moment

The first two brands whose bags increase their resale value the most are two young brands: Brandon Blackwood and Telfar, which occupy the first two positions respectively. Likewise, both firms share more characteristics, such as that their bags are among the most affordable on the market: the famous bag on which Blackwood's End Systematic Racism can be read can be purchased from 70 euros and Telfar sells its creations from 129 euros.

Of course, the exhausted bags of both firms sell for much more in resale. Blackwood's bags, which rose to prominence after celebs like Brie Larson, Zoe Kravitz and Kim Kardashian wore them, sell for more than double their price, and Telfar's could earn you 87% more than their original value.

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Investing in fashion: these are the bag , the most profitable sneakers, the signature and the color

The list is followed by some of the most established brands on the scene: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Prada, Chanel or Versace.

Nike Air Jordan: The Most Profitable Sneakers

Sneakers created for the iconic basketball player have been a hit for decades. Recently, we have witnessed how the Air Jordan have become the favorite sports of the street style. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that Jordans are one of the most resold investments, increasing their price, on average, by 376.2%.

In addition, some original shoes can sell for much more if we talk about limited or special editions. For example, it includes the Jordan 1 OG Chicago (1985), with an original price of 41 euros, sold for more than 12,000 euros.

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The streetwear brand to invest in: Nike

As this study shows, Nike streetwear clothing and accessories see an increase of 305% of their original value. An example? The Nike Undefeated x Nike x Kobe 5 black jersey was originally sold for 24 euros, but on resale it has reached values ​​of more than 268 euros, representing an increase of 1018%.

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Colours also have an influence: streetwear clothing and accessories, better in black and bags, better in green (this year)

Money's study has also shown that items in black have better return than those of other colors, specifically 283.2%.

In addition, green bags, one of the big trends this year, are also a better investment than many other shades, increasing their original value by 65.7%.

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