At first there were times we were about to kill ourselves

At first there were times we were about to kill ourselves

Noelia García es caddie y pareja de Santi Tarrio. Es, por supuesto, parte esencial del equipo de trabajo del jugador gallego que acaba de ascender al European Tour. Noe, como le llama Santi, es su mano derecha y también, muchas veces, su mano izquierda. Ha ido haciéndose a sí misma, aprendiendo aquí y allá, preguntando, escuchando mucho y poniéndole el alma a su trabajo. Hace seis años no sabía lo que era el golf. Hoy no se ve haciendo otra cosa que llevando la bolsa de Santi. Es, sin duda, uno de los secretos del éxito de Tarrio y en esta entrevista van a tener la oportunidad de conocerla un poco mejor.«Al principio hubo veces que estuvimos a punto de matarnos» «Al principio hubo veces que estuvimos a punto de matarnos»

If ten years ago they tell you that you were going to be in the final of the Challenge Tour with a bag on my shoulder, what would you have said?

I would not have known what they were talking about because I didn't know any of this, but you never know the turns that life can give, and in the end I am doing something that I really like, even if I did not know him before.

What was your first contact with golf?

When I know Santi.I knew him not but he didn't know any of this.At first I accompanied him for being with him and one day I told him that to see if I could contribute something else.He told me: Come with me in the bag and little by little he told me and I was improving and learning.The first tournament I went to see was a little gambit in the Zaudín, but I did not stepped on the field because it was almost 50 degrees and was unfair.I stayed in the pool.I told Santi, not here, but from the next yes he wanted to start contributing.My first Caddie experience was an Alps at the end of the 2016 season, but there I only wore the cart and little else.

Was yours with golf was an arrow?

I like to feel useful, I did not like the fact of carrying the bag, loading and it is already, at first the wind is something that everyone can see if it is attentive and gradually asking, understanding the book and at the beginningWith great fear of putting the leg I was improving.Then, with work and reinforcing the confidence to believe that I could do it well I was doing more and more.There are professional caddies that would think that to see where this comes from that he believes that a year will know everything ... there are things that do, if you want you can learn and improve, with desire and interest you can learn everything.Do not put limits in that regard.

What has been the key to improving and growing?

«Al principio hubo veces que estuvimos a punto de matarnos»

In that sense I have been lucky that I have always liked to ask, at the beginning other friends in the ALPS and then to Caddies at the European Tour.I ask everything, that's how you learn, being ashamed.Humility is also needed to learn.Some help you more and others less.

Who has helped you more in this learning process?

The one that has helped me the most has been Santi.The others are details.Santi asked Joaquín Dosil's technical and psychological.

How much importance is the mental part in your work?

We have learned the two with Joaquín from the beginning.In the end it is something that I like to remember, Caddie's work is essential and the fact of helping and knowing what to say at all times is crucial.I know Santi and I know when to raise his spirits and when to relax it because he is accelerated.I understand that there are players and caddies that are not known just and their work is only technical, but for me the other part is much more important.For example, after the first round of the Challenge final I finished a little worried because I felt that I didn't just find the key, we were not as fine as in other tournaments.We had lost the spark for some reason.I worried more than having done +1.He bothers me and I told the psychologist in the talk we had in the afternoon.However, since the second day we have added the two together.It is the atmosphere.I know when we are at our optimal activation level.I know when it is at that point and it transmits it to me and there we surrender.Bogey can be done equally, but you have to be there.We took the spark again.

I imagine that there will have been difficult times in this whole process ...

Oh, at the beginning of all there were times that we were about to kill ours.Now we get it well.Before it was harder to close the golf round after playing and not keeping around all the time.Now we have decided that after playing the golf round is reopened when we talk to Joaquín and closes after hanging the phone, until the next day.Now we carry them well, so there is not so much mental wear.Since I get up in the morning I know if the day is going to be more or less complicated.I know him very well.

Do you see yourself working for another player who didn't know?

It is very important to meet the player.I would not like to work with someone I don't know well.I get along with many kids and if they ask me, I would like to meet them before.I need to know how to act with them and for that you have to know it very well.The way of saying things and how to say is important.Everything is to meet a person and who knows ... gives me a lot of respect.It seems so important to me ... They are 18 holes, it is a long time and difficult moments pass because it suffers a lot in the field and you have to be very careful.

How was your preparation in these five years?

Some documentation and golf books have read but the most important thing is to listen when Santi is with his coach or with the psychologist.Listening is how you learn more.At first I listened a lot to the other caddies.For example, with the wind, at first I thought to see if I am going to say bad.Now I know that I do it well, I no longer have a repair or fear.I have faith.One day Joaquín Dosil explained to me a thing that I have very present and that was not easy for me: you never put the cre of Lko that you are going to say in the field.For example, I think the wind is on the left.Never.It is said safely.It is on the left, without the I believe, to avoid putting the question to the player.There is the essence.

Do you consider that Caddie's profession is just valued?

No, at all, it is not well valued enough.There are many places that do not let us go to the physio and it is important, the gym either because of the issue of covid and sometimes it seems that the caddie is someone who only has to know how to add and subtract and make accounts, nothing more, and I are givenFatal with mathematics ... no, it's not essential, there is much more and is very interesting.