Can you use a TSHirt formally?

Can you use a TSHirt formally?
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La tshirt básica ya no es solo para los looks casuales y hay formas de lograr que se vea más “de vestir”.

Por Paloma González¿Se puede usar una tshirt de manera formal? ¿Se puede usar una tshirt de manera formal?

Yes, you can use a TSHirt formally, you simply have to take care of some details and combine with intelligence.

Characters like James Dean and Steve McQueen showed us the power of the classic white Tshirt and confirmed that, taking it with jeans and tennis, you can already have a complete outfit and that it will always see it always well, and now we also know that,Although it was born as a casual (or rather sports) element, it can also be a great complement to a more formal and fixed look.

We do not know who came up with a Tshirt with a sack, or with dress pants and a very good jacket, but it is something that is already socially acceptable and very common, and the key to doing so is to pay attention to all theitems.

The magic of a basic Tshirt (and in neutral colors such as gray, black and white) is that it is one of the most versatile and easy -to -use things that you can have in the closet, it is one of those things that you can take from summer to winter, and that more than an expense, it is an investment that can improve to the simplest looks.

How can a TSHirt be used formally?

The first thing to know is that there are levels of formality, it is not the same to use a suit than putting a tuxedo, and there are situations in which you can be a bit more free, creative and relaxed with your focus on what is elegant.

¿Se puede usar una tshirt de manera formal?

For your Tshirt to look more arranged, there are some points to consider.

El material y corte

Not all TSHIRTS are going to be seen "formal", in fact, there are especially styles that are purely casual, as is the case with oversized.If you want elegance, you have to choose options that have a slightly thicker fabric and better quality.You can even add a fabric.

As for the cut, you must choose classic and simple styles, these are the most timeless and allow you to create all kinds of combinations.In addition, the round neck (or crew) looks much better when using bags, blazers or cardigans.

El color

It is worth being colorful and striking, but it should be taken into account that colors such as black, gray, white and navy blue are generally considered as more elegant.The important thing is that you also think about the occasion and the weather, reserving the light colors for day or hotter events, and the dark for the night (and everything depends on the color of the suit or garments that you are going to use).

Avoid faded, spent or stained tshirts.

No solo con jeans

Some jeans, a Tshirt and some tennis make an outfit, but, if you want this to be more arranged or formal, you must add a few extra accessories.You can add a fabric vest, a sport sack and change your sneakers for boots or shoes, with this you can create an ideal look to be fixed without being very serious or reserved (and it is something that you can take to the office, an appointment or to an appointment or to an appointment orThe family dinner of the month).In addition, your jeans must have a dark color and a more classic cut, without broken parts or a very detailed wash.

El ajuste es lo más importante

For your Tshirt to look more formal, you must take care of the fit.The sleeves must be adjusted to your arms (without tightening) and must be at the exact point of the biceps, the torso must go very close to the body (without being stretched in the chest) and must be long enough toYou carry it inside the pants, without being disproportionate if you use it on the outside.

¿Fajada o por fuera?

The bumpy look, both with Tshirts and buttons shirts, is always more formal than one in which the shirt goes out.For this, you can play with high waist pants, which are in trend, or carry some with an adequate belt, which combines well with the color of your shoes and outfits.

Piensa en las capas

Take only one Tshirt can see very well, especially during the summer and if you carry it with dress pants, but this is a good opportunity to add some layers.Tshirt suit with a suit.