Belén Esteban reveals how much money she has in the bank in 'La Resistencia', the David Broncano program

Belén Esteban has visited the set of 'La Resistencia', the program presented by David Broncano on Movistar +. She there she has answered one of the two 'classic' questions of space: "How much money do you have in the bank?". Of course, before revealing the figure, he has taken quite a few detours. «I have won a lot of money, but I have had a problem that you all know. I had to pay the Treasury 750,000 euros, "he started by saying, referring to his legal battles against his former manager, Toño Sanchís. The woman from Madrid boasted that despite the amount she has had to spend in lawsuits - or in renovating the house that was owned by the former representative - her accounts are clean. “I owe nothing to the Treasury. 100%. It is true that I have earned a lot of money, but I have also had many expenses.Belén Esteban reveals how much money she has in the bank in 'La Resistencia', David Broncano's show Belén Esteban reveals how much money she has in the bank in 'La Resistencia', David Broncano's program

He has “a little less than Amancio Ortega”

“There are people who owe me money. 400,000 euros », he added. He spoke, once again, of his representative ». Broncano wanted her to get to the point, but Belén Esteban kept detailing her most recent financial movements. Her purpose was for the audience to get a clear idea of ​​the money that her confrontations in court with who was her right hand or the business she has set up with her husband, Miguel Marcos, have cost her. «I set up a food company, 'Sabores de la Esteban'. My gazpacho is the best there is because it is a recipe from a lifetime. I have invested a lot in the company. I have trucks. It does not go wrong. It is true that I have worked a lot», he highlighted.

David Broncano encouraged her to be more specific and say once and for all the figure that is reflected in her bank statements. "A little less than Amancio Ortega," he replied. His answer was ambiguous to the presenter, who again asked him for precise numbers. Finally, Belén confessed what everyone was wanting to hear. "Between 40,000 and 100,000 euros," he released. A much lower amount than other guests who have gone through his program. The fork was so wide that the driver looked at it with some disbelief. "Does that seem little to you?" he added. “I have invested a lot in the company. I don't have a lot of money, but I have invested a lot in trucks, gasoline, people working…”, Belén justified herself.

Belén Esteban reveals how much money she has in the bank in 'La Resistencia', David Broncano's program

The second big revelation of the night came when David Broncano asked her about her "sexual relationships in the last month." In this matter, the collaborator has wasted no time. «Do you want me to tell you how many times a week, a month? I have a husband who is 34 years old and our sex life per month is going very well. I have to say to my 34-year-old husband: "What do you want, the morning, the noon or the night?" I am not going to say the times, but I am going to tell you that between two times week is fine."

Esteban talks about sex on David Broncano's show

What Broncano did not imagine is that his guest would ask him the same uncomfortable question. "And how much do you fuck?" she snapped at him. Now I want to know your answer! Tell me how much you fuck or how much you make love». The Galician replied with a sense of humor: «It's just that I lose consciousness every time. I have intercourse with so much love that it is incredible. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes my nose bleeds. Every time I start intercourse I sing 'Happy day'. Jesulín de Ubrique's ex was hilarious with laughter.

Minutes before addressing this intimate question, the guest had told him: "There are times when I fuck and other times when I make love." It seemed clear that Belén feels more comfortable talking about sex than money. Be that as it may, he had a great night. And although she had entered the program nervously, the thing ended with a very good vibe between them. Even with a promise: «The next time I come I will bring you a special gift. I'm not going to tell you what it is. It will be a surprise". In just over an hour, the People's Princess had put the public of 'La Resistencia' in her pocket. His formula? His self-confidence, his constant greetings to the residents of Paracuellos, Benidorm or Pinto -among other municipalities of our geography- and the naturalness with which he spoke of two topics as personal as the economy or bedroom secrets. Belén Esteban in its purest form!