A millionaire bag will be in the hands of the new secretary of well -being

At the end of 2021, Montiel Reyes presumed that 10.9 million people benefited with four priority programs (pension for the well -being of older adults, people with disabilities, support for the well -being of girls and boys, children of working mothers and sowing life), which will have increases this year this year.

Already in the first days of the year, when she was appointed head, she thanked the president and insisted on the repeated phrase "first the poor" of the president.“We never forget who we fight for;for the poor and the forgotten;Let us come true our dream of transformation so that they are always #Primerolospobres ”.We will continue doing so.

For specialists, the form that social policy develops is crossed with the "clientelar policy", since a condition is generated between the program and who delivers it.

"The money given directly is one of the main elements of the clientele policy because a link is generated between the person who receives the support and the ruler that generates that support," says Gustavo López Montiel, a political scientist of the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Una millonaria bolsa estará en manos de la nueva secretaria de Bienestar

The new holder of Welfare is the one who has been in charge of the delivery of these supports by mandate of the president.Montiel Reyes joined the Secretariat of Welfare as Undersecretary in 2018.With the passing of the months, he was the main person in charge of one of the current government's priority programs: the pension for the welfare of older adults.

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In 2012, she was the General Director of the Passenger Transportation Net.He started his political career as a member of the National Democratic Current (IDN) in the PRD, directed by René Bejarano, protagonist of one of the scandals that most affected the president - as he recognized him - when in 2004 he was recorded receiving money from the money from theCarlos Ahumada businessman.

“How people were not going to think that I was not involved, if it was my private secretary.Incredible, it was a very hard blow!That hurt me more because it had to do with my honesty, ”he said at a press conference last December, in which he clarified that Bejarano was no longer his private secretary as head of government of the Federal District, a period of impulse to his policy ofsupport for older adults.