8 things you should NEVER do in your closet

8 things you should NEVER do in your closet

Interior designKeep order and avoid the worst mistakes when tidying the closet, believe us.

By Diana Garrido

The closet is a place with many functions... or so it seems, but in reality it has only one function: to store clothes. While you can always give him an extra target, there are things you shouldn't do on him.

Remember that a closet is part of your bedroom, the most intimate place in the house, so it must also be personal. Although it helps save space, it is not necessary to take away its main use and objective. Therefore, we will tell you what are the things that you should never do in your closet.

Fill it with storage boxes

Although they are useful, you should not put so many boxes inside the closet because you are not saving space, but you are using more. In any case, put a shoe rack or the boxes of these. Drawers and storage baskets look good even as decoration, contrary to shoes.

Use it only for clothes

Closets often have extra space at the top, so wasting it is one thing you should never do. Use it for sheets, towels or curtains. You can even put shoes or items that you rarely use in home decoration. However, try not to put disparate elements or elements that have nothing to do with each other.

Using too many hooks

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These are very functional to keep order inside the closet, but it is not good to have so many since the tubes could break. Ideally, you should put several similar garments in one, for example shirts, jeans or light jackets. You save space and money, because you will not need more hooks.

add shelves

Although shelves and drawers are functional, they are things that you should not put in your closet since you are only limiting its capacity. It is better to allocate another space to improve the organization.

Accumulate clothes you don't wear

It is a classic, but we have all made the mistake of saving and accumulating unusable or forgotten garments. A cleanup never goes wrong, and to get rid of the right thing, consider what you'll still be using, if it's feasible, or if it's no longer in good shape. Take out all the clothes you don't wear and give your wardrobe a break.

save decorations

No, in the closet does not go the Christmas tree or the Halloween decoration. One of the things that you should not do in your closet is to turn it into a cellar because that is not its function. For this there are other spaces in the house or you can adapt them. Remember that insects or pests can be made.

Use it as a greenhouse

It is not a very crazy idea, in fact, many people occupy this space due to its size and low light to take care of their plants. It is better that you adapt a space elsewhere in the home. A closet, even if it is empty, is not the best place to take care of little plants, due to its materials.

Turn it into a coat rack

Although it is a good idea to place hooks or a small coat rack inside, it should be avoided as much as possible. This is because many times the hats or bags that are placed on racks are made of a special material that, if kept locked up, would suffer irreversible damage. The same goes for jewelry or accessories.